Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Favorites: Back from the Break Edition

We have had a surprisingly good week getting back in the swing of things. I think we've all adjusted better than I expected. Thank you Lord. Because we were all dreading it something serious.

I'm also back from my little break from Friday Favorites. I decided not to worry about doing it over the holidays, but after reading through all of my posts from 2014, I realized that these posts every Friday are what capture our true everyday life... and what makes me stop and take more pictures. So I'm going to try to continue. I may not be able to keep the pace of every single week, but I do think I want to keep it up at least twice a month. We'll see how things go week to week I guess.

Here are my favorite happenings from our first week back from the break...

*Last Saturday we had one more Christmas family gathering with extended family on my mom's side. Part of the family was out of town for Christmas so this was our only time to get together. The big boys loved going to their cousins' house and all 3 boys got their very own "fan chair" for watching each other play sports. =)

*On Sunday, the weather here was pretty gross so Terrell and I planned a special snack and outing to get us out of the house Sunday after naptime... Dairy Queen! Always a treat for the whole fam.

*Monday morning back to school, back to the grind. Loved and appreciated so much the good attitudes from my boys!
*My lunches have become super light this school year. Not always healthy light but typically light in the sense of small. I'm just so busy at lunchtime with my littles (and usually an extra baby too) that I don't have time to make myself a whole lot. Plus our "lunch food" options aren't that impressive. So Terrell always makes fun of me and is like you're going to eat THAT? That's all?? Haha! So I sent him this picture the other day... and then he sent me a picture of his huge lunch. His lunches have grown with the new job. Ha! One day I'm going to come up with some good but easy lunches for myself!
*Homework time for my biggest means my middle wants some too and my littlest can't be left out. Love the way they love to be together. Most of the time at least. (Their table has sense been purged of the clutter. Thank goodness.)

*Austin and I started our new thematic unit this week... weather! I think it's going to be a fun theme. We started by checking out weather books from the library and making a snowman that spelled Selph. Last spelling mastered! 
*The boys all got UGA shirts for Christmas and wore them for the first time this week. Our little bulldogs were pretty adorable if I do say so myself. 
*Last night I stripped Layton down for his bath (but put his sleep sack around him so he wouldn't freeze) and was getting his water ready when I came out to see him wearing a fire hat. Oh my the cuteness! Terrell brought all the boys home Firehouse Subs hats. =) 
*I came across this post this week and have been meditating on it lots. It is such a good read for mamas. We are the thermostat of the home and I have seen firsthand just this week what a change in my attitude can do for my childrens' attitudes and our family's as a whole. And I love her tips!
This weekend should be pretty low-key for us. We're hoping for extra rest and soaking up our time with daddy before he heads out of town. Happy Friday!!

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