Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Garrison's 6th Birthday Party

We celebrated Garrison's 6th birthday on Saturday and had a SUPER fun Superhero party! On Sunday morning Garrison woke up and declared he had the best birthday party ever and the best day ever! Yay for successful party fun accomplished! It was a pretty special day for our biggest and we loved celebrating him with several little friends and lots of family.

My super talented friend Megan (there was a whole lot of super going on with this party!) designed our invitation for us and truly captured the theme perfectly. Garrison thought it was the coolest thing ever. =) BIG thanks again to the very best graphic designer around!!

(Due to an unfortunate turn of events our fancy camera got sick and let us down at the worst possible time... in the middle of our oldest baby's birthday party! Ugh! It was pretty awful. We ended up losing our pictures and our trust in the awesomeness of the Canon altogether. Thankfully I took the high road and did not have a meltdown or cry my eyes out. I instead asked every family member to send me any and every picture they got on their phones from the party ASAP. Our camera visited the doctor and received an expensive diagnosis, and this birthday party recap doesn't include the highest quality of photos, but, we do have memories from the party captured via cell phone... thank you fam! And, almost all pictures lost from our camera were already saved... thank goodness... except of course those from the party. But we're good. Keeping it in perspective is always a good thing. I def recommend it. =))

Moving right along...

Garrison chose the superhero theme after much thought and deliberation around the holidays (it was a tough choice between superheros, transformers, and football), then Terrell and I chose the party location based on very few choices in and around our small town. I'm so thankful both the theme and the location turned out so fun!
Our party of 5 including our 3 little superheros. =)

The cake table! I did a little DIY skyline made of cereal, pasta, and Little Debbie boxes wrapped in blue or black wrapping paper with the "windows" made from electrical tape. I thought it turned out super cute and was the best little background. If you look closely you can even see Spiderman scaling a wall. =)

The cake turned out perfect! Garrison was thrilled... and in love with his choice of chocolate. =) Yum-O!! The kiddos at the party may have loved it as much as my birthday boy because when it came time to slice it the requests were overwhelming. Ha! Every single girl requested a color and every single boy requested a hero. At least I'm pretty sure that's how it went down. Everybody was very specific, very eager, and very much making their request known at the same time as 10 other little people. Haha!

Garrison made this sweet little thank you picture for the favor table... which you can see in the background behind the cake table. I decided on superhero masks, bracelets, and gummies for the favors. Simple enough, fun enough, and affordable enough. =)
I interrupted playing hard kiddos for a picture of everybody wearing their masks. Even though we had 1 cousin and 3 friends who couldn't make it, this crew had a super fun time together. Garrison plus his little brothers, cousin, and lots of besties made for a great party.

The birthday boy and several friends even attempted rock climbing...which I think means Spiderman (or woman) made an appearance. Haha.
Singing Happy Birthday! One of my very favorite parts of my babies' parties every year. So thankful we at least have this picture of the birthday boy while everyone sang to him. 

One of my favorite pictures of Garrison from the day. Batman and AnAn. =)

After the party was over and we were loading up the cop car we got all of our little men lined up for a picture. Garrison was the only one willing to be photogenic but the shirts alone on my mini-superheros made the picture extra cute. 
We had such a fun time celebrating our biggest's 6th birthday! (Although he still has today and tomorrow left to be 5. =)) We are so thankful for all the sweet friends who could come and for our amazing families who always help out sooo much during party days... from picking up balloons and the cake to help with set-up and clean-up to taking over with Layton so we can focus on the party. They are the best ever and we appreciate them so much!

Now we're smack dab in the middle of birthday week for Garrison Cade and counting down to the big day! We're about to have a 6 year old at our house!! =)

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Lauren and Eddie said...

Turned out so cute! Ours is on Saturday and so far I haven't been stressed a bit. Hopefully it won't all come crashing down in two days. LOL!