Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Day at the Museum

Garrison's birthday experience this year was a trip to the museum. Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta to be exact. Something he'd been asking about since seeing a museum on Wild Kratts. (Wild Kratts is a super fun, educational show you should check out for your kiddos if you've never seen it) It turned out to be such a fun experience and day for our big boys! Big thanks to Granna for keeping Layton and making the trip possible for us!!

As the boys get older the birthday experience gift may evolve into something that's just for the birthday boy and a friend... or just the birthday boy and mama and daddy... but for now it's working out for the best to include one or more brothers, so that's what we'll stick with for the near future.

Ready for a day at the museum! (After a fun lunch at Chick Fil A =))

My 3 dinosaurs. =)

The first thing we did when we got there was let the boys make a craft. They had stations set up for the kiddos to make an "animal pouch" with the help of parents and volunteers/workers. So they really enjoyed getting to do that right off the bat. After finishing up our craft we went straight over to the nearest exhibit... seashells! They LOVED it! Terrell and I were amazed at how impressed they were and how long we stayed at that exhibit. Not sure I know of any other 6 year old and 3 year old who would be that impressed and attentive at a seashell exhibit. They were fascinated.

Garrison with his favorite shell. =)

Austin with his favorite bird at the seashell exhibit. He walked over to it and declared, I will call him Fly Bird. Hahaha!

They also really loved the dinosaur exhibit. Of course. =)

After leaving the dinosaur exhibit we walked through a Georgia History exhibit and for the first time Austin reminded us he was 3. Haha! He started getting tired and bored and wasn't so impressed with how Georgia came to be. So we moved on quickly and went up a floor to the fun stuff. The boys loved the hands-on, kid friendly exhibits and had a ball "experimenting". A lot of it was still over their heads but just the fact that they were able to touch things and do things made it fun for them.

Terrell and Garrison even got to report the weather. And every now and then the top of Austin's head would come on screen. =)

The last thing we did was make our way to the top floor and their new Nature Center. It was the most kid friendly of all. It was like a playground and obstacle course and huge play area for kids. They had so much fun climbing and running and playing. And we were so glad we started at the bottom and worked our way up because everything seemed to get better and better as we went. I didn't get any pictures of the Nature Center because the boys were always on the move and I was trying not to "lose" them (I just like eyes on my kiddos in public places even if they are contained), but this really was icing on the cake for the whole experience. So fun!

We all had a great day at the museum and loved celebrating our biggest boy's birthday one more time! I look forward to these birthday outings every year and I'm so thankful to share fun and new experiences with my guys. Layton doesn't get one this year but we'll come up with something next year I'm sure. =)

Party planning is still going strong around here by the way. Next up, a 1st birthday, Valentine's Day, and a 1st birthday party!! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. Ha!

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