Thursday, February 26, 2015

Another Day in the Life of Us

Bright and early yesterday morning, out of the blue, I decided to make yesterday a day to record for a day in the life post. I hadn't done one of these since I started my new job and my last one was in September so the time was right. I love and appreciate these so much. They are definitely worth the time and effort!

Even though I left out the details of our bad news about our house in Covington (another post for another day), which put a damper on the 2nd half of our day for sure, I included every other detail I could remember.

Here's a look at the happenings of our day start to finish on yesterday...

I started the day at 5:15 as I always do on school mornings and was ready around 6:00. Then I did my quiet time, took Bailey out and fed her, and started on breakfast before waking the big boys up at 6:35. The start to our day looked really promising until everything for my middle man went downhill at breakfast. This is him under the table mid-meltdown... something about his cereal and muffin. Sigh. Being 3 is emotional and HARD. And don't forget emotional. Gracious.

 Thankfully daddy came to his rescue and all was well in the land of Austin again. Yay. =)

While the big boys had breakfast, Layton woke up pretty unhappy (normally if he's content we wait to get him up after Baby A arrives) so I made his bottle while Terrell got him up and changed his diaper and wet pjs... hence the unhappiness. Then we traded. Terrell took over with the big boys and got them dressed and ready (technically Garrison gets himself dressed but Terrell still brushes his hair and makes sure his teeth get brushed, etc) and I gave Layton his bottle. As Layton was finishing up his bottle around 7:15 or so, Baby A arrived.

By 7:30, Terrell and Garrison were heading out the door to school and work and I was busy in the kitchen making breakfast for the babies. Austin played with superheros and rescue bots and cars while I made breakfast and fed the babies. Yay for Austin getting in some unstructured independent play! I was done feeding the babies by 8:00 so I moved them both to the living room to play while I cleaned up the kitchen and started a load of the boys' clothes. Then, by 8:30 both babies were down for their morning naps. Austin asked to watch a show while I put them to bed so while he finished up his show I read some of my favorite blogs and straightened up a little.

As soon as Team Umizoomi went off, Austin immediately said he was ready for school! I haven't heard those words in a while so I was pretty thrilled. This week we've just been doing activities or reviews of things we've done before. I'm currently in the plan and prep stage for our next theme. =)

We started "school" by him spelling and tracing his name. Then we played "War" with cards numbered 1-20. He's got comparing numbers down and is doing really well learning to write his name!

After finishing "school" Austin got to choose what he wanted to do with me and of course he chose to play games. We played Yahtzee Jr twice. The game of choice lately.

After finishing up Yahtzee I encouraged Austin to pick something to do that he can't do while the babies are awake. Something that involves small pieces or building something he doesn't want knocked down. He decided to do some drilling with our design and drill set. I helped him get his picture set up and then he went to work drilling. This was a mostly independent activity so I was able to sneak away to check my calendar and to-do list and put clothes in the dryer.

At 10:00 I get Baby A's bottle ready, wake up both babies, change diapers, and then feed Baby A. After that we have about an hour long stretch of play time. The living room gets covered in toys and this is my get on the floor and play time with them. Austin isn't super impressed with this time and is just spinning his wheels big time, so he typically always gets to watch another show. Which he did yesterday as well. Once Austin's show went off he picked out board books for me to read and we have a little story time with the babies and read to them and sing to them. It's my longest time of the day (Austin's too, haha) but I think it's a pretty fun time for the babies.

Around 11:15 I get the babies "contained" and head to the kitchen to make everybody's lunch. We usually eat around 11:30. Lunch is always really busy but everybody is happy and thankful to be fed so it's all good. =)

After lunch Austin has to clean up any of his messes/toys that aren't put away and then he gets to play on the Kindle or Leapster while I clean up the kitchen and get the babies put down for naps. (The babies play in the living room while I clean.) Once I'm done cleaning up I try to have a clean up time with the babies. I sing the clean up song and they watch me clean up. Haha. Then I get diapers changed and both babies down for naps around 12:20 or so. Yesterday I think they both were asleep by 12:30ish. Then it's Austin's turn and he is hopefully asleep by 1;00. We do early naps so everybody can hopefully get in good naps before it's time to pick Garrison up.

Naptime is what I consider my "planning period". Ha! Yesterday I didn't do a lot of planning but I did fold a huge load of clothes and watched one of my favorite shows I watch without Terrell...

At 2:00 I wrap up my "planning" and make the big boys' snack, empty the dishwasher, make the babies' bottles, and prepare to get everybody up. Yesterday Baby A woke up first so after he took his bottle I got Layton up and then Austin was up shortly after that. By 2:40 I had everybody's jackets on and we were loading up to go pick up Garrison. So thankful to have a car big enough to do this!

I snapped this picture of the backseats as soon as we got home. 2 rear facing babies in the middle and 2 big boys in the back. =)

The boys came in and ate their snack while Baby A played and I gave Layton his bottle. After snack time the big boys get to watch a show (usually Clifford or Wild Kratts) and I go through Garrison's book bag and empty his lunch box. Around 3:45 Baby A's mom arrives and the big boys' show ends. Then it's homework time. Thankfully Garrison's teacher doesn't give homework on Wednesdays so we just went over some sight words and then it's wild and crazy play time! I try my best to let them play hard for a stretch after school.

My mother-in-law came over to pick up the big boys for choir around 4:40 yesterday afternoon since the weather was messy and so I wouldn't have to get Layton out. While I love getting out of the house when I can, it's definitely a blessing having Nana pick up the big boys on days I need her!

Layton and I enjoyed our one-on-one time and then I got started on supper. Chili and bake potatoes!

While I was trying to load some things in the dishwasher, this happened... for the first time ever! He loves himself a dishwasher. =)

 Then this happened... another new trick!

Terrell picked the boys up from choir and once they got home around 6:00 we got ready to eat supper. The perfect meal for the weather! After supper we let the boys play and then watch something before bed and we wrapped up the day with the boys by reading together on the couch. Layton and I listened while I gave him his bottle.
All the littles in the house were in bed by 7:45 so I worked some on this blog and then we watched the Hawks and talked a lot about our house selling woes. I think I was in bed around 10:20.

And that was another day in the life of us. The Selph fam had a pretty normal, good day. Even a day that contained disappointing news wasn't too bad.

But blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in him. They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out it's roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; it's leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit. Jeremiah 17: 7-8

Meditating on these verses and trusting in the The Lord today even though His plan is unclear! Happy Thursday! 

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