Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Favorites: Winter Break Edition

We have had a really fun, really Winter break. It's been freeeezing here! Which means we've been laying low. We've stayed home most of the week and read a lot of books, played a lot of games, and watched a lot of movies. It's been a pretty great week if I do say so myself. A break from the school routine has been really good for all of us. A chance to slow down and be together more is very much needed just when those school breaks roll around. And I'm so thankful I can take full advantage of them with my kiddos. Such a blessing!!

Here's a look at my favorites from our week of Winter Break...

On Sunday we spent the whole day with Terrell's side of the family celebrating my mother-in-law's birthday. We went to a jumpy place, a fro-yo place, and then wrapped things up back at Nana and Pops' house for supper. The boys had a ball! It was a super fun and kid friendly way to celebrate... and the perfect day for us because of the long weekend with daddy and no school the next day. Yay for family birthday fun!

*President's Day with daddy was low key and oh so wonderful. =) We slept late. (Late being 7:00. Haha.) We visited Terrell's Granny. We went grocery shopping as a family. We played Yahtzee Jr. (1 of 237 games this week) We cooked a big, warm supper. Yay, yay, yay all around!

*We've stayed in the majority of the week and my big boys have loved all the extra play time they've had together. This break has been so nice for all of us. Imaginations have been in full swing. This was a hot wheel obstacle course they created. This occupied them all. morning. long.

*One afternoon this week everybody was up from naps by 2:30 (eeesh) and we were desperate for something to do to pass the time as the afternoon was dragging. And it had to be Layton-friendly. Baby brother was awake and into everything. And we had already exhausted our TV time for the day plus had a movie night coming after supper... so that just wasn't an option. So we read like 10 of our favorite books. In a row. While Layton climbed all over us. It was pretty fun... and a little exhausting for mama. Haha. But it was just what we needed... a good 40 minutes of reading to 2 attentive boys and 1 busy boy on a cold afternoon. =)
*Speaking of reading... Garrison read a book to Austin one morning while I made breakfast. Pete the Cat Plays Ball. Squeal!! My mama teacher heart overflows with gladness!

*We visited daddy at work for the first time and had a lunch date with him. So fun and such a special treat in the middle of the week!

*The big boys have had a movie night like every single night this week. Why not? We're out of school. It's Winter and freezing cold. We have no other plans. Sounds good to me! =)

*The hubs and I were watching Blue Bloods one night this week when I had to make Terrell pause it so I could snap a pic. Linda Reagan's hair is just my favorite. I'm thinking I might want to try this do. I'm a short hair girl and really need a cut I'm in love with... which I haven't been able to find since before letting my hair grow while I was pregnant with Layton. Bet my hair wouldn't look much like this professionally styled hair-do. But I so love it and really want to try it! Hmmmm...

*Our Sunday School lesson on Sunday was about Hezekiah and this week during my quiet time I've been reading more about him and his life. It's been so good. I've loved reading about his faithfulness to the Lord and the way God used him to bring about revival. And I love, love, love my study Bible.

*We braved the cold yesterday morning and ventured out to a special Dr. Seuss storytime. We so enjoyed watching the story of The Cat in the Hat! The big boys loved it and it was the perfect little outing for us.

Favorite not-pictured moments... Finishing Layton's baby book! Woohoo!! My mom got me this baby book while I was pregnant with Garrison and after finishing his I decided I would complete the same book for all of my babies. It isn't over the top so it's totally doable if you're intentional about it. Yay for our 3rd baby boy having a baby book! =)

AND... Enjoying our new ride!! We haven't been in the car much this week, but when we have it's been pretty wonderful. Backseat drama hasn't totally ceased to exist (the surburban isn't a miracle worker), but it has been a sweet, spacious, comfortable experience every single time we enter the silver sub. =)

And I think this was possibly my longest Friday Favorites ever. Haha. Clearly I had lots more time on my hands this week than I normally do. Ha! The week off and lots of down time made for several opportunities for me to remember to capture my favorite moments. Yay. =)

This weekend we're looking forward to celebrating Layton's 1st birthday with our families! Tomorrow's the big day!! Party planning busyness has been going on non-stop since December so I hope it all comes together smoothly and that our baby boy and families enjoy a fun little celebration. Happy Friday!!

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