Monday, February 9, 2015

Birthday Recap!

Garrison's 6th birthday was Thursday and we had a really fun day celebrating our biggest boy! Over the years we've come to have a few birthday traditions that are simple but special and that the boys really look forward to. So this birthday celebration was no different. =)

First, we always start the day with balloons outside the birthday boy's room. (Now that we have a 6 year old we will probably match the number of balloons to the age of the boy. =)) Then we have donuts for breakfast complete with candles and singing of Happy Birthday. Then we celebrate at school with friends and a cookie cake. And finally the birthday boy gets to pick what we're having for supper... the restaurant of his choice or the meal he wants me to make. Plus there's always the messages and phone calls and cards he gets through the day thrown in. So the big day is fun all around.

We started Garrison's 6th birthday by waking him up together with happy birthday wishes and big hugs. He woke up smiling and was so excited. I love how special birthdays are to him. And of course he was tickled over his 6 balloons waiting outside his room. =)

Birthday donut for breakfast on his birthday plate made at last year's party complete with 6 candles. He enjoyed us singing to him and blowing out the candles and he especially enjoyed his donut. Haha. Austin loved his too. =) We also gave him our little handmade card at breakfast and surprised him by telling him about going to the museum! It was a pretty great morning for the birthday boy.

My only day off last week turned out to be Garrison's birthday. I was so thankful it worked out that way! So the whole fam took him lunch and ate with him at school. Now he wants us to come eat with him again on a day that's not his birthday. =)
After lunch we were able to go back to his classroom and hear his class sing their version of Happy Birthday (sung to the tune of Feliz Navidad) and then we passed out cookie cake. It was really fun for all 3 of my boys. I think the whole class enjoyed all the celebrating too. =)

We checked Garrison out early (his choice... although his teachers sure did make it tempting for him to stay!) and then we came home to a fun afternoon for my big boys. After naptime and rest time they played with balloons and superheros and all of the presents Garrison got from his party and just enjoyed that extra time together. Then the whole family got to enjoy Garrison's choice for supper... spaghetti! Plus he got to talk to lots of family and received some special text and video messages. The birthday boy had a really special day and the rest of family sure had fun celebrating with him. Can't believe we have a 6 year old now!!

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