Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Favorites: The Week of No Snow Edition

This week was back to the routine for us. Sunday night and Monday morning were kind of tough for our biggest boy (and his mama who felt emotional over her baby's struggles) but we managed to adjust quickly to going back to school. Phew. Unfortunately it was freezing and raining all week long. Except not freezing enough apparently because we never did get our wintry mix. Even though friends and family to the north received multiple days of snow and school closings it wasn't meant to be for us. Such a bummer because we were really hoping to see the white stuff! Maybe next year. Despite the weather, or lack thereof, we managed to have an overall good week.

Here are my favorite moments from our cold, wet week of no snow...

*Sunday morning matching sweetness! Sometimes I'm totally in awe that God saw fit to give me 3 boys. Especially when they're running wild and things are totally crazy around here! But also when I pose them in their matching cuteness for a picture. So thankful God blessed me with them!

*On Sunday afternoon we made a visit to see Terrell's Granny who is currently doing rehab for a broken hip and then headed over to the DQ for a sweet treat on a cold, rainy day. Yumminess!

*It's a rare thing for me to have to wake Layton up but when I do it's the most precious sight just before. Can't get enough of my sweet baby!  

*My school time went well with Austin this week and I think we're back on track. Yay! I'm excited to start a brand new theme with him next week... The 5 Senses! I was able to do lots of planning this week so hopefully I'm prepared and Austin will enjoy it.

*Every afternoon this week when it's time for the big boys to slow down and calm down, we've played a game of Yahtzee. They are so into it right now. Layton isn't a big fan since he has to watch from his jumpy but thankfully he always lets us get in a game or 2. =)

*Earlier this week the whole fam ventured out to "Art Night" at Garrison's school. The big boys got to paint a ceramic coffee cup and we made a stop by the Book Fair to pick out some new books. It was a pretty fun family outing!

*Totally unprompted and completely on his own, Garrison wrote and illustrated this story about a race car. I just love it!

*Layton is getting fast at pushing things around! And he is so proud of himself! He also really enjoys his big brothers pushing him around on his riding toys. Never a dull moment around here. =)

Today we're off to the pediatrician for Garrison's 6 year well-check plus Layton has another little check-up too. Then we have a fairly low-key weekend coming up and plan to enjoy it to the fullest. Happy Friday!!

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