Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Austin at 3.5

My sweet middle is 3.5 today! And as soon as he catches on he'll make sure to let everybody know. =) He always enjoys adding that and a half after saying how old he is. Although it seems like just last week he was telling everybody he was 2.5. Gracious. I can't believe my littlest big boy is half way to 4!

I've given myself a goal of writing a little update about each boy on their birthday and half birthday... at least while they're little... so today is all about Austin at 3.5. =)

*You start the day around 6:35 on school mornings (we have to wake you and Garrison up) and are in bed around 8:00 every night.

*You still nap for an hour to an hour and a half every afternoon and you still love to sit in my lap for me to read to you before naptime every day.

*You have a big imagination. You even have an imaginary friend... Sally. We hear lots of stories about Sally and her mischievous ways. You also tell us fun stories about other (imaginary) friends from your (imaginary) school that are quite entertaining. =) You and Garrison also have lots of fun playing Wild Kratts or rescue bots or superheros. I love seeing and hearing your imagination at work.

*So far, year 3 has been the year of the meltdown. Ha! Overall, your personality is very laid back. You forgive easily. You go with the flow easily. You love unconditionally. But since turning 3, you are emotional and unpredictable and can throw down like nobody's business. Meltdowns are a pretty regular thing around here. But we know it's just a phase and whenever they do occur they truly are out of character for you.

*You are a really great brother! You love playing with Garrison and he is your absolute best buddy. Y'all have so much fun together and are super close. Even though y'all can fight like crazy you love each other deeply and are each other's favorite person. You're also a pretty great big brother to Layton. You are my helper with him during the day and love to make him laugh. Even though you're a tad on the rough side with him it's all in the name of fun and brotherly love. =)

*We've discovered your love language (at least currently) is physical touch. You are still our cuddle bug. (Which I'm so thankful for!) You still like being held. You love to sit in our laps. You like having your back scratched. You give the best hugs all the time. You are always kissing me on the cheek or arm or leg totally out of the blue. I know I've said this before but I hope you always keep this sweet, affectionate way about you.

*You're a bit of an inconsistent eater but your favorite foods right now are Nutri Grain bars, cereal, ham, string cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, yogurt, raisins, tacos, spaghetti, chicken, cheeseburgers, and chili.

*You never meet a stranger and are the friendliest most sociable little man we know. You're also a bit of a charmer and flirt and all the ladies we know totally eat you up. They can't get enough of you! =)

*While you have an outgoing personality and never mind being the center of attention, you are very apprehensive about new places and situations. You're easily overwhelmed and intimidated by loud noises/places and BIG places that are new to you. You're also our safety first child when it comes to trying new things. Which as your mama, I can really appreciate!

*You have been a GREAT student this year doing school at home with me! I've loved teaching you and all of our fun school time together. =) I'm also very excited for you to start preschool next year. I know it will be good for you to get some time away from me and the house and I know you'll love going to real school!

*You may be our middle child but so far you show very little, if any, characteristics of a middle child. You and Garrison still come as a pair, or equals, and are the big boys of the house. The 2 of you do pretty much everything together except big school. You receive the most attention out of all 3 boys right now because you're home with me all day and you're awake longer than Layton is. You hold your own and are never lost in the shuffle or overlooked. You've never been jealous and have just embraced the little brother and big brother roles so, so well. I'm hoping and praying that you and your brothers always feel important and loved and special... because each of you are!

*Baseball, skittles, playing outside (as long as it's not too hot), Garrison, back scratches, your favorite shows, potato chips.. these are a few of your favorite things. =)

We are so blessed by you Austin Selph!! You are the sweetest, smartest, most fun, most hilarious, most special 3.5 year old we know! Happy half birthday little man! We love you!!

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