Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Favorites: Good Things & Allergies

This week has been filled with lots of good things... plus allergies. Spring is definitely in the air and the majority of our household has been under attack. Thankfully my allergies are under control now and hopefully Austin's and Layton's will be soon too. So other than me and the kiddos being slightly attacked by allergies, we've had a pretty good week around here. We enjoyed an extra day with Garrison, St. Patrick's Day fun, a lighter load in the evenings, and a few things "new". Here are my favorites from our week...

*We loved having Garrison home with us on Monday! It was so nice to have that extra time with my biggest boy and for him and Austin to enjoy another whole day together. They are just best buds. It was a really fun day for us. Since it was a teacher work day, Baby A was here and I think he loved having the extra entertainment too. =)

(Tuesday morning as Terrell was getting ready to take Garrison to school, Austin went up to Garrison and gave him a hug and said, I'll miss you Garrison. Cue the tears! I was already feeling a little blue about him having to go back and how I'd miss having him home and then Austin just totally melted me with his sweet hug and sincere words! It was precious.)

*St. Patrick's Day with my guys in green. They enjoyed Lucky Charms for breakfast, got to wear green, and got to taste all the colors of the rainbow (skittles) as part of their snack. Check, check, check. =)

*Austin and I decided to paint a rainbow for our school time Tuesday morning in honor of the holiday. We also added some cotton ball clouds for good measure.

*I've officially switched out Layton's clothes. Yay! (I left a few long sleeve items just in case we need them coming up plus threw in some things he should be able to wear as temperatures cool off later this Fall.) This is always a BIG task for us... shopping for new clothes, going through our bins of hand-me-downs, clearing out what's been outgrown, washing a big load of new and used clothes, and re-organizing the closet and drawers in his room. Mission accomplished! One boy down, two boys to go!

*My littlest love has become super high maintenance during meal prep. As soon as I start preparing a meal in the kitchen he is right up under me begging for food or hanging on to my leg or just getting into things he shouldn't... while begging for food. He is a bottomless pit for real. So this week I decided I had to resort to the baby swing again. Ha! Sometimes you just have to do what you've got to do. He wasn't too happy with me either... at first. However, things took a turn for the better as soon as Austin decided he would turn on the swing's music and push him rather quickly. Then, baby boy just chillaxed. Haha!

*Garrison Cade, the artist. =) He amazes me with his drawings and love of coloring and art. His pictures are so good and so special!

*This week Austin and I focused on the sense of touch. I rounded up all the brown paper sacks I had in the back of the pantry and made grab bags of different objects for Austin to feel of with his eyes closed. I asked him questions about soft or hard, smooth or rough, small or large and encouraged him to make a guess. Sometimes he'd guess (mainly if he was feeling confident) and sometimes the suspense was too much and he just couldn't wait to see what was inside. Haha.

*After our first "game", we sorted the items softest to hardest. Then, we divided the bags up and Austin filled his bags and I filled my bags and we played again... but this time with me participating in the game. Superhero's legs sticking out of the top of a couple of his bags were a bit of a giveaway but we had fun and decided to play several times. =)

*We had a special kind of superhero fighting bad guys at our house this week... An Optimus Prime, Captain America, Robin (As in Batman and Robin) combo. It was pretty awesome.

*Our sweet baby boy is starting to take some steps on his own!! It's been so amazing to watch! Nothing beats watching a baby take those very first steps. It's just priceless. So far he's only taking a step or two or three at a time but we are cheering and celebrating like he's finished a marathon. =) Yesterday I captured him taking a few and it was the best thing ever!

Favorite not-pictured moment: Visiting Granna at work yesterday! Since I had the day off yesterday I was determined to get out of the house... and since Terrell has taken over lots of our errands (so thankful for him!), I didn't have a real reason to get out. So I made one up. =) Austin and Layton loved their special treat!

This weekend is all about baseball for the Selph household. Opening ceremonies, and two 1st games are coming up tomorrow! We're excited to watch our big boys play and are looking forward to our extra family time. Happy Friday!!

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