Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Currently, things are slow and steady around here. =) March is a slower month for us. It's like our new January. Post holiday and party wind-down and nothing much big happening. It's definitely one of our more mellow and low key months. We've kicked off baseball season and we still have our school night busyness during the week, but there's not several big, important, overwhelming things going on. Which we're really thankful for by the way. It's been nice to relax a little. But, in an effort to keep right on blogging and "journaling" in the midst of the slow, laid back, and regular ole days, I wanted to pause mid-week for a little currently...

*Eating.... Tonight we had one of mine and Terrell's favorite meals. Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches. =) It's a simple crock pot recipe which is perfect for a Wednesday night. Throw frozen or thawed chicken breasts or tenders in the crock pot with 2 tablespoons of butter, a packet of ranch dressing mix, and about a fourth a bottle of Texas Pete Buffalo Wing Sauce. Cook on high for 4 hours and then stir and shred the chicken and make sandwiches on hamburger buns using ranch or blue cheese dressing. We normally have fries or mac and cheese with this but if we're needing something super simple we just have it with chips. It's so easy and so good! (Our kiddos don't eat it because it's too spicy for them so we plan ahead of time for them to have leftovers from the night before or something else simple.)

*Planning... For the short term, Terrell and I are planning a date night for Saturday night. Yay!! We have a pretty full day on Saturday, but once Garrison's game wraps up Saturday afternoon, we're getting ready to head out solo. We have no idea where we're going or what we're doing but we know it involves eating together at a restaurant just the two of us. =)

For the long term, we're supposed to be planning our Spring Break trip. We're going on a little get-away to Gatlinburg with Terrell's parents and we're in charge of how we'll spend our time. Maybe I'll get motivated to plan soon!

*Loving... Watching my boys play baseball, good weather, Zyrtec, my days at home, my job, Layton's attempts at walking, my new ride, doing life in the hometown, my amazing hubby, the sounds of my boys playing together, ice cream, and naptime.

*Not Loving... The cold front that's supposed to come through soon, yawning throughout the day, stressing over things I know deep down I shouldn't be, and those moments when I feel the walls closing in on this rental house.

*Watching... Several of our shows are doing re-runs right now. Boo. So lately we've been watching Survivor, the Hawks, Fixer Upper, and occasionally one of our regular shows (Hawaii Five-O, Blue Bloods, Scorpion) IF they come on.

*Reading... I'm not reading anything right now except my Bible during my quiet time every morning or at some point during naptime. Which is definitely a good thing! But, I do want to get back to reading fiction again. I'm just soooo tired by the time I'm heading to bed (I normally always read in bed before falling asleep) that I haven't read in a long time it feels like. And I miss it. But that's about to change. I just reserved my copies of Liane Moriarty's books at the library. Yay! Based on reviews and my preferences for light, fun, and/or romantic I'm going to love them!

*Trying... I am about to try some Rodan + Fields products. Squeal! Not a whole regimen because we can't afford those shenanigans for my face, but some starter products to see what I think. I'm pretty fair skinned with freckles, plus I have some eye "issues" (mainly dark circles) and have been wanting to be able to do something to improve my complexion. A former Premier "sister" is now a consultant and has sold me on the products. =)

*Hoping... AND praying our house closes next month. We have been on a big, long, not very fun roller coaster trying to sell our house and now, once again, we find ourselves approaching another closing date. It's our prayer that this family is the one. We're praying and hopeful that God will open all doors needed and remove any interference(s) that may arise. We are so thankful that God has a plan and for His provisions during our time of waiting. His faithfulness is true. His grace is sufficient.

*Wanting... Sweets. Ahhh. The sweet tooth is rearing it's ugly head lately. I'm thinking this happened last year around Easter. I just want chocolate something serious. And, I just so happened to purchase a box of Krispy Kreme donuts in the car rider line this week picking Garrison up. The worst! And the best! Gracious. And delicious.

*Needing... Rest, my big boys to get along and use kind words and keep hands to themselves, my baby boy to be careful and not get hurt as he's trying new things, our house to sell, time alone in the Word and in prayer, a little more exercise, quality family time, quality couple time, and a more laid back approach and attitude to just about everything. =)

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Lauren and Eddie said...

I just started Rodan + Fields - the Unblemish regimen. I did NOT want to spend that for my face, but holy cow I look like a teenager. It was time to do something and it needs to fix me. I'll let you know in a few weeks what I think.