Monday, March 23, 2015

Opening Day

Opening Day of baseball season came for us bright and early Saturday morning and didn't wrap up until after 2:00 Saturday afternoon. It was a super full day but so much fun! We loved watching our big boys play in their first games and are calling the kick off to our season a huge success. =)

Before leaving the house Saturday morning for opening ceremonies. (Yes, Austin's uniform swallows him whole...we're planning to switch pants with a teammate who has a smaller size. And yes, they're wearing Braves hats...we didn't receive our team hats until we arrived at the fields. Ha.)

While I would have loved to have taken pictures of Opening Ceremonies, it just wasn't meant to be. It was super crowded, my kids went separate directions with their teams on opposite sides of the field, I was strolling Layton around trying to keep him content while also watching my big boys, Terrell was on the field with the teams and coaches... basically, it turned out to be impossible. But the ceremonies went great. I am so thankful we are back home! We are soo excited about our first baseball season here.

Immediately following the ceremonies, Austin was up. His first wee-ball game ever.

 My middle man before the game. He was the most adorable little baseball player ever. =)

Austin's team was in the field first...

Ready for his first at-bat!

Oh my the cuteness!!

My biggest boy really wanted to be involved, and since wee-ball is super laid back, we let him help out as 3rd base coach. Even for the opposing team. Haha. 

In wee-ball every player gets to bat so our little baseball player had some time on his hands waiting his turn. Which is sort of boring and a bummer....

But can also be really fun! 

Austin had a great first game! They played 2 innings and he had 2 great hits and ran the bases well and did a good job paying attention and going after balls in the field. Wee-ball may be a little unorganized and crazy, but it is tons of fun for the kiddos (and parents!) and teaches the very basics of baseball. A win-win for sure. We're looking forward to the rest of the season lots!

Layton was present at Austin's game as well... high maintenance but present. Haha. Thank goodness we had back-up in the form of grandparents and AnAn!  

After Austin's game wrapped up, we loaded up the fam and headed home for our lunch break. We ate leftovers and attempted a little rest time but weren't home for long before it was time to head back out for game #2.

Garrison had a really great game too! And I must say, I am smitten over my baseball players big time!

Tee-ball is way more organized and structured (and Garrison has been playing organized and structured since he was a newly turned 4 year old in our previous county/league), so it's been great for him to have a strong background and to see him having fun and getting better and better. Terrell is the assistant coach for Garrison's team so that's been huge perk. Terrell is great with the kids and I think Garrison has not only enjoyed having daddy coach but he's also really blossomed as a player having Terrell as his coach. We are just loving this season for both of our big boys so far. =)

Garrison is playing 2nd base this year and doing pretty amazing if I do say so myself. 

First at-bat! 

Last year was all coach pitched for Garrison so this year he's had to learn to hit off a tee again. Something we haven't practiced consistently at home since he was 3. (That's how hard core our previous league was.) It's been an adjustment but he seems to have it down! 

 Our team won big and played some good defense. Including my #5!

It was a fun Opening Day for all of us! Even Layton managed to enjoy himself during Garrison's game. Bringing drinks and snacks is a newly discovered must for every future game! 

We loved watching our boys play one of their favorite sports, we loved having family come support our babies for their very 1st games, we loved sharing the fun with other friends/parents, and we loved experiencing it all right here in our hometown. Opening Day love is real... and in the books. Next up, the rest of the season. =)

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