Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Adventures & Fun from the Weekend

We had a really great weekend full of adventures and fun. =) It was pretty wonderful all the way around. I would even say there's a good chance the 5 of us all enjoyed it equally. And that's a big deal!

Friday night I went out with my 2 best mama friends for a delicious dinner and fun time catching up with lots of conversation, laughter, and advice. I love them so... their honesty, their understanding, their listening ears, their support, their friendship. We had a great night together. Meanwhile all my boys had a guys night with Pops. Terrell's dad offered to take them out to eat so they were all treated to a pretty fun night too. 

Saturday morning we were up and at 'em early for haircuts for the big boys and then a trip to Six Flags! The whole family had SO MUCH FUN! Yay for family outing success!! Even though the weather started off cool and dreary, the sun finally came out and the temperatures turned out perfect. It wasn't crowded, we didn't have to wait in long lines, we had plenty of room to maneuver our stroller, we enjoyed pleasant temps, and we never got rained on. Everything about our outing went great. 

Due to haircuts, a long drive, and stopping for lunch at CFA we didn't arrive til about 1:00. But right away Garrison and daddy rode a roller coaster (The Mine Train) together. Austin, Layton, and I watched from the bridge and snapped this picture of them. They're on the 3rd row. Garrison loved it and was soo excited about it. Even though we're pretty sure he probably would've gone for bigger, better roller coasters if we'd had the time, we spent most of our day in the kiddie section and that turned out to be a blast for everybody. =) 

When we initially planned our trip we were nervous about Austin for 2 reasons... 1, we didn't know if he'd be tall enough to ride everything he wanted. 2, we didn't know if he'd want to ride much of anything at all. Ha! Thankfully there was no reason to be nervous about either one! He barely measured 36 inches tall (Woohoo!) and he wanted to ride pretty much everything Garrison did. He chose not to ride the mini ferris wheel but every other kiddie ride he braved even if he was a little scared. We were super proud. =)

Austin's in the backseat of the plane pushing his button to make it go higher. =)

Terrell and I took turns riding the rides with the big boys and strolling Layton around. Our littlest man did really good tagging along. He was a content and curious observer most of the day. He did demand to be strolled if we stayed still for too long and he did get tired at certain times but we were very thankful for how well he did and how much he was able to enjoy the trip too.

The big trucks were a big hit. And much faster than we were expecting!

Layton got to enjoy a couple of rides too. He loved the carousel. He was so excited to be able to ride!

Such a big boy. =)

He even got to ride twice. Once while his big brothers and daddy drove around the old fashioned cars and once with his big brothers and daddy on board. He was the cutest thing ever. =)

This was aboard the hot air balloons... a favorite for sure!

The whole family decided to wait in our longest line of the day to go to the monster mansion/monster plantation. The main reason we wanted to ride it was because it was something we could all experience together. Buuuut, in the end, literally, it turned out a little too scary and therefore we won't be visiting that ride again anytime soon. The first half of it went great. Everything was pleasant and happy and fun. I said phrases like, Look how funny, guys! Oh what a cute monster! Watch out for the water fountain! This is so silly! Then came the 2nd half. It was dark, scary, and creepy. I said things like Wow! They are trying to scare us but this is just pretend! Oh that looks kind of like a dinosaur, right guys?! Remember this is just pretend! We're almost all done! Ugh. It was not something my littles (Austin and Layton) enjoyed at all. But we survived it with just a few shed tears and don't think anybody's scarred.  

Before leaving, the big boys and I rode the new kid friendly roller coaster. The closer we got in line the more nervous I became of how to manage if Austin decided to bolt at the last minute or if Garrison panicked over riding by himself, but thankfully everything went really well! Terrell snapped these pictures of us and we're in the next to last car. Garrison is sitting in front of us in number 7 and Austin and I are in number 8. I considered this a full-blown roller coaster. Haha. So Austin wasn't thrilled with it by the end but he did great! He was very stoic and brave. He thought about crying after we got off but when I mentioned that I thought the ride was as fast as Superman, I think he was pretty proud of himself. =) 

We also let the boys ride the swings again and Garrison requested another ride on the Mine Train (this time with mama... hello headache, ha) before we got on the road for home. It was a late night for our kiddos but they went straight to bed and slept late Sunday morning. We had the best time and can't wait to go back for more adventure, fun, and memories!

Sunday after church we enjoyed naps and lots of time outside. I love this action shot of Austin blocking Garrison's shot on goal. I can't believe I captured it. My little athletes love playing together. =)

Our littlest man enjoyed strolling around and watching his big brothers. Life for Layton was spent from the stroller this weekend. Of course being offered sips of his drink by Austin was a definite perk. =)

The big boys even climbed the "bouncy tree" Sunday afternoon. 

It was a super fun and full of adventure weekend! The whole fam enjoyed it to the fullest. And, Garrison had the day off on Monday so that made our weekend a little longer and extra special! Today we're getting back in the swing of things with a pretty low key day and laid back evening at home. Yay for no place to be tonight!! Happy Tuesday and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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