Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Favorites: Sleepy & Springtime

TGIF!! We made it! Sleep walking and worn out, but we made it! Yay times 10. =)

This week has been an exhausting one. Not only have we had something every single evening this week, but we've also been struggling to adjust to the time change while suffering some sleep deprivation due to our littlest man's sleepy time issues. It has been a doozy for sure. We're running on fumes but oh so thankful to have made it to Friday and to have been able to enjoy some Spring weather this week and the longer days. We may be sleepy but we had a great night last night and are ready to finally get back on track!

Here are my favorites from the week...

*We had our first Spring family grill-out on Saturday with my parents and my sister and her husband. The weather was perfect, the company was great, and the food was delish! All 3 boys enjoyed their time outside and time with family and we had a super fun and special afternoon and evening together. It was pretty perfect. =) 

*Baseball continues to go well! Other than the fact that I'm pretty much on my own getting Austin (and Layton) to and from practices due to Terrell's coaching commitment to Garrison's team, we are having a ball! Both my big boys and my hubby are doing great and having so much fun that the struggle and work-out and occasional parenting on display when I'm single mom-ing it with my littles is all worth it. =)

*This sweet boy has become faster and busier this week it seems. He is giving me a work-out! Thankfully I've been through it before and know I can handle it. Haha. He has been a mess lately for sure!

*Even though I wasn't on my A game for school this week due to the time change and lack of sleep combo, I still managed a little "school time" for Austin. We're doing the 5 senses and this week we covered the sense of smell with a "smell lab". This photo is staged because my student was antsy over his blindfold during the actual "smelling" but he loved smelling everything and making guesses. H knew ketchup and peanut butter right away. He frowned at pickles but then guessed it pretty fast and the chocolate syrup took the longest to figure out. We also made lists of other things we smell along with good smells and bad smells. Haha. It was a fun little lesson.

*My morning strolls with the babies, Austin, and Bailey this week were a definite favorite. Even on the overcast days just being able to get outside made a big difference in giving us a boost. After being cooped up inside most of the Winter it was nice getting out every day this week.

*Layton learned another new trick this week! This is the area where we stash the baby toys for Layton and Baby A and Layton has learned to climb on top of it and totally clear it out. He was soo cute but making me soo tired! Ha!

*Unfortunately Layton had a few rough nights this week. Not sure if it was the time change or teething or a combination of both... but it definitely took a toll on his mama and daddy. Thankfully Terrell is a night owl and up later than me almost every single night so he can take the late night shifts if needed. Wednesday night was our worst night and finally we just gave up... I went to bed and Terrell took Layton to the living room with him for a little while. This was their selfie. Bless it. So thankful for my sweet, amazing husband!

*Austin and I also had fun with the sense of hearing and sound this week. We did an experiment pouring beans into different containers. Austin loved it. It was fun to makes guesses about what would be the loudest and softest and then to experiment. After doing the experiment multiple times because Austin loved it so much we talked about and listed indoor sounds and outdoor sounds and then determined whether each sound was loud or soft/quiet or both. Yay for another fun school activity!

*Favorite not-pictured moments... Watching Garrison play in 2 scrimmages this week! It was a little crazy with the littles in tow, but I loved watching my baby play. It's one of my favorite things. AND... picking Garrison up from school every day. I was reminded of how thankful I am for this privilege after this morning turned out to be a total bust (not to mention emotionally draining) when I wasn't able to take him to school. Counting my blessings really is the best cure for a pity party!

After our crazy tiring week we are looking forward to the weekend big time! Tonight is a girls night for me (woohoo!) and this weekend we may try to load up the fam and go to Six Flags. The weather will determine if and when, but no matter what we are thankful and excited for the weekend! Happy FRIDAY!!

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