Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Favorites: Fun with a Side of Crazy

This week has been a really fun one... with a side of crazy. =) This was Read Across America week in celebration of Dr. Seuss's birthday. So fun! This week we also kicked off our baseball season with practices for both big boys. So crazy! Haha. But a good crazy. We really enjoyed our fun week even though we had some craziness mixed in. So thankful for Team Selph! =)

Here are my faves from our week...

*Monday was Dr. Seuss's birthday and because this was always one my very favorite days of the year in the classroom, I decided to make it fun at home too. The boys and I read lots of Dr. Seuss books and did a fun little fishbowl craft. We painted with blue food coloring corn syrup!
Garrison and I did this together Sunday afternoon while his little brothers napped....
Then Austin and I did his during our school time on Monday morning. Such a fun and easy craft! My favorite kind!

*My littlest love is a hungry, hungry hippo. Haha. While I'm cooking he sits in the floor fussing at me and begging for food. This was the grin I got after I dropped a little bite in his mouth. He is the cutest thing I've ever seen! =)

*Big brothers have been pushing baby brother around the house lots this week on his new riding toys. I just love it. All 3 of my boys playing together... music to my ears and gladness to my heart! And Layton LOVES it!!

*Baseball season is under way! Austin had his very first practice of the season this week and Garrison had his second. It is going to be a fun season! The whole fam is super excited.

*I started a new thematic unit with Austin this week... The 5 Senses! It's been fun so far. I introduced it with our book about the 5 senses and then by playing a little matching game before we made a list of things we can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell.

*The big boys did a little puppet show for us this week with their animals. So cute! Whenever they "perform" for us it always takes me back to when I was little and my sister and I performed for an audience (our parents, haha) or us and our friends did some kind of show for the grown-ups. Oh memories.

*This week has been the week of prayer for our North American missionaries and on Sunday morning our pastor suggested we use this guide as a family devotion for the week. So every night we told the boys a little about that day's missionaries and then we each prayed for them using the guide given. Oh. My. Heart. The prayers of my big boys have been some of the sweetest, most sincere prayers I've ever heard. They've brought tears to my eyes they've been so precious. And it's been so obvious in his prayers how much Garrison understands. We've done it right before bedtime each night, so the craziest time of day ever, but sitting down to do this together has quieted our hearts and blessed us in a sweet and special way.
*After an introduction to the 5 senses, we started things off with Sight. This is the easiest and probably most used of the senses so it was a great one to start with. We played the What's Missing? game with random objects... which was a big hit with Austin. We've also done some other visual activities like writing, shapes, and artwork.

*My biggest boy came home from school as the Cat in the Hat yesterday afternoon! I sent this picture to Terrell and he replied how much he loved that wood paneling in the background. Haha. I will not be sad to say goodbye to that one day! We decided our Cat in the Hat's cuteness made up for the background. =)
We are so thankful it's Friday and are looking forward to a productive and laid back weekend. Easter shopping, down time, baseball practice, and a family get together are all on the agenda. Happy Friday and happy weekend!!

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