Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring Happenings

*Baseball is in full swing around here and that means a busier schedule for the whole fam, fun for my big boys, daddy coaching, and me channeling my inner baseball mom. So far things are going great with baseball. We aren't overwhelmed yet, the boys are loving it, things are going great with Terrell coaching, and Team Selph is working together like a well oiled machine. Haha. It's been a great kick off to the season for sure. We haven't received a game schedule for either of the boys just yet but hopefully things will stay manageable for us all season long. Fingers crossed!

*We are in the midst of Easter bucket purchases as we speak. As in, both my amazon and Old Navy shopping carts contain a few items waiting to be paid for and ordered. This year has been the toughest I can remember to come up with items to put in their buckets. In the past we've always had some practical needs that were met through the Easter bucket and also some really small fun things thrown in. This year we're out of ideas. They don't need toys. Especially not the tiny kind that get lost in the bottom of the toy basket. And especially not the the kind that can't be played with while Layton's around. Those just aren't a good idea this year. And honestly we don't have many practical needs this year either because we took care of those over Christmas. So this year we're going with things like flip flops, What's in the Bible? DVDs, socks, stickers, Spiderman plates, snackeeze cups, paint and paintbrushes, possibly a summer graphic tee, and of course a few candy-filled eggs. Hopefully the boys will enjoy it all even if it's a crazy assortment of stuff. =)

*Speaking of Easter... We are still planning for Easter/Spring pictures for the boys this year... even though our photographer from Covington who has taken the boys' Easter pics for us for the past 3 years is great with child and not available. Which means neither is Ollie the bunny. Nevertheless, we are committed to "professional" photos twice a year. Once for the boys around Easter, and then again for the whole family in the Fall for our Christmas card. This year, we're getting creative and planning a mini session for the boys in their Easter outfits at either my parents' house or my grandparents' house. We're going to try to "stage" the background with flowers or anything Spring-ish and may or may not be taking the pictures ourselves with our new and improved fancy camera. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can get in a good little session one Sunday afternoon coming up.

*Wednesday nights are changing for us this Spring. Since moving here last summer and starting school here, the boys have gone to choir every Wednesday at 5:00. Then Terrell usually picks them up on his way home and I have supper ready and we eat together have a really laid back night in the middle of the week. And it's been something that we've enjoyed and something that we've needed. Especially in the midst of busy sports seasons. This Spring, however, we're trying out some new Bible studies being offered at our church while still striving to maintain a sense of togetherness and normalcy for our family as a whole on Wednesday nights. We need regular nights at home. We thrive on consistency and routine. The boys need regular nights at home to play together and hang out and get in the bed on time without being rushed. We need good, healthy meals at home together around our table without being rushed. Honestly, none of us do well with too many commitments during the week. So when we decided to try out these new Bible studies we decided we'd give it a trial run and that we'd carefully and prayerfully proceed. =) Right now, the plan is for Terrell to pick the boys up from choir like normal, me to have supper ready, us to eat as soon as they get home, and then me to leave for Bible study... but still be home before bedtime. Then in the next week or two when Terrell's Bible study starts we'll switch and he'll be the one leaving right after supper and then home before bedtime. Call us crazy but we think this is best for now. We're giving it a go and will make a more final decision about our Wednesday night commitments after a month or so.

*We are taking the boys to Six Flags soon! And then again as many times as we want this Spring and Summer! We got a great deal on season tickets and are pretty excited to have this free outing to look forward to. Garrison has only been once... when he was 4 I think. And Austin has never been. Hopefully Austin will be able to ride a lot of the same things as Garrison. Although he's just barely under 36 inches tall so we aren't positive. We also aren't positive he'll want to ride everything. Our experience at the fair last Fall was a bit of a traumatic one for him. Layton will be tagging along for more than one trip too so it should be exhausting and fun for the whole fam. =)

*It's allergy time again. UGH. This is why Spring is my least favorite season. So many people love Spring and are so ready to be done with Winter and are so excited to see warmer temperatures and green and color again... except me. Spring can make me miserable. I'm trying to stay ahead of the pollen and allergies that come with it and have already started my daily dose of meds. Hopefully my early start will be effective!

*This time change has been a DOOZY for me. Boo! I can never remember a single time change having a drastic effect on me the way this one has. I can go to bed early, I can go to bed late, I can sleep all night, I can be up multiple times a night and it doesn't matter. I still wake up feeling not good. Feeling sleep deprived and drained and like I've been up all night... whether I have or not. I am so ready for my mind and body to adjust. It is such a drag (literally, haha) to start the day this way. I know I'll eventually get back to normal but this morning seriously reminded me of one of my first mornings home after having a baby. Whaaaa??? Gracious.

*On a happy Spring note, Austin, Layton, Baby A, Bailey, and I have all been outside for a little stroll every morning this week. That part of Spring I am enjoying. After morning naps and before lunch time it feels good to get outside and out of the house and to enjoy the nice weather. We're going to take advantage of it whenever we can! It wakes me up and gives me a boost of energy and the boys and Bailey are loving it. Spring isn't all bad afterall. =)

That's all the Spring happenings I can think of for the 5 Selph's. Happy Wednesday!!

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