Monday, March 30, 2015

Jam-Packed Weekend

We had a jam-packed weekend start to finish! We are worn out on this Monday afternoon but so thankful for all the fun happenings we were able to enjoy the past 2 days. Somehow we managed to fit in a TON and still get everybody where they needed to be on time. It's was a small miracle. Ha. I didn't get many pictures because we were so busy running here and there, but I wanted to hit on the highlights of our good times anyway.

Friday night was pretty wonderful. We went out to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant as a family of 5 (something we hadn't done in a while), and even though the experience stressed Terrell out (just a tad, bless him), it made me smile. Things were a little crazy and messy and at times too loud for a restaurant, but it was fun. It was a chance to enjoy delicious food that I didn't have to prepare or clean up with my favorite guys in the whole world. It was entertaining and funny and a memory I want to hold on to... craziness and all.

Once we got home and got everybody in pjs, it was movie night. The big boys look forward to picking a movie every single Friday night. Once the movie was over and the kiddos were all in bed, Terrell and I watched one of our shows. That made three of my favorite Friday night traditions enjoyed. =)

Saturday morning came bright and early. I had an early hair appointment but immediately following my appointment we had to leave for Austin's game. And immediately following Austin's game, I had to get the big boys to a birthday party. And immediately following the birthday party was Garrison's game. And immediately following Garrison's game was our date night... that technically started in the afternoon. So. Saturday morning was spent getting ready for all the events of the day. Organizing the boys' baseball stuff, getting a birthday present ready, laying out clothes for the boys, packing a bag for the boys, ready-ing the house for my parents who would be taking care of the boys' bath and bedtime needs, etc. It was craziness.

My hair appointment went well. I went with a brand new super short do! It's taking me some getting used to because it's a pretty drastic change, but so far I'm loving how easy it is. And that was my biggest goal anyway. I am a busy, tired mama who was spending waaay too much time on her hair every morning. Fighting a wave. Fighting the crazy. Taking a sweet forever. So no more of that nonsense. Yay! As it grows I'll determine if I want it a little longer or to change anything just a little or if I want to keep it this short all the time. My hair grows fast so it shouldn't take long to make some final decisions. So far, I'm just excited at how fast I'm able to get ready now. =)

It was pretty much freezing cold at the boys' games. I just watched Austin's game from the car. I didn't want Layton to get out in the wind and frigid air so it worked out nice to cheer from the warmth of the sub. His game was short and sweet and he did great once again.

After Austin's game, we had just enough time to run home, change him out of his uniform and Garrison into his, grab a snack and then head for the birthday party. One of Garrison's best buds from school was celebrating his birthday and it was a party we didn't want to miss. Even though we had to rush around and we couldn't stay for the whole party, my big boys had a ball. I'm really thankful it worked out for us to go.

Meanwhile back at my house, Terrell, Layton, and my parents were eating lunch and Terrell was getting ready to head to the field for Garrison's game. He has to be there early since he's a coach and my mom was able to stay at my house with Layton so he could get in his afternoon nap. Have I mentioned lately how thankful I am to be living here in the hometown? Because I am! Big time!!

I arrived at the field with the big boys shortly after Terrell, and Austin and I watched Garrison's game with Papa and Pops. Even though we were cold, it was fun!

As soon as the game was over we headed home and got our kiddos loaded up to spend the rest of the day with my parents while Terrell and I got ready for our date night!

We had such a good time together. We went shopping, went out to eat and ordered dessert (which we never do so it was a major treat!), had our car washed, and bought groceries. Ha! It may have been an old married couple date, but it was so fun. We talked, we laughed, we enjoyed the quiet, we enjoyed our meal, we enjoyed each other's company and undivided attention. Dating Terrell Selph is one of my favorite things ever. =) Huge thanks to Granna and Papa for making it possible!!

While we were out on our date, the boys were having fun playing at my parents' house. They hung out there and ate supper before coming back to our house for baths and bedtime. Layton even enjoyed his first wagon ride...

Sunday morning we went to church and my boys dressed in their sweater vests for such a chilly Palm Sunday. Sunday afternoon we napped. (Glorious.) And Sunday evening we went our church's Easter musical...Reflections on Redemption. It was so, soo good. I enjoyed every word of every song and every Scripture read. It was amazing.

And that was our jam-packed weekend. Full of busyness, full of fun. =)

Reflecting on redemption this week as Holy Week is upon us. I'm so grateful we know the rest of the story!!

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