Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Bucket Goodies!

For my own memory and documentation purposes I wanted to share what my kiddos will be receiving in their Easter buckets this year. Just for me and the blog, just because.

**Every month I try to make a point to go back and read that particular month's posts from previous years. I love reading about our past memories and little happenings and I'm super excited to read about what we were up to last April... and the April before that and the April before that. =) I've discovered I always appreciate the things I shared that probably don't mean much to anybody but me. And this is one of those posts. =)

First of all, we use Easter buckets at our house versus Easter baskets. I'm a sucker for a sentimental monogrammed Easter something to hold goodies for Easter morning and to collect eggs for various egg hunts. My dream used to be a monogrammed Easter basket from Pottery Barn for each of my babies... til my husband quashed it. Ha! He basically convinced me we couldn't/shouldn't/wouldn't spend that amount of money on something we're only using once a year and something that they'll probably outgrow before they outgrow egg hunts. You don't see many 10 year olds carrying around Pottery Barn Easter baskets. Ha. As far as getting goodies on Easter morning... well I plan on doing that for like as long as I can and these little buckets will be perfect for the long run. =)

Here's the stash...displayed across our bed since that's the only place I could keep it hidden. 

Garrison and Austin are pretty much getting the same exact things in their buckets with the exception of paint and paint brushes which will be for both of them. Spiderman plates, snackeez cups, a new Easter book, play doh (we haven't had any of this in forever but the boys love it so I think they'll be tickled), stickers, flip flops, tic tacs (they are in love with these), a new pair of "church socks", What's in the Bible DVD, and of course some plastic eggs filled with jelly beans and a Reese's egg. Yum. =)

Layton's bucket will be the most practical of all. Baby boy is getting shampoo/body wash, his fave fruit and veggie melts, church socks, his first pair of flip flops, his first toothbrush and toothpaste, new pocket bibs, a new Easter book, and a new graphic tee (not pictured). I'm thinking his little plastic eggs will contain puffs and cheerios. =)

Hopefully all 3 boys will be excited about their goodies and enjoy everything they're getting. We don't build up the Easter bunny around here just because we don't make a huge deal out of getting "presents" for Easter. Plus we try to focus more on the resurrection of Jesus than anything else. Still, we love taking advantage of the opportunity to give a few little practical and fun gifts while keeping the Easter bucket tradition in tact. If everybody in my house can get well, it should be a fun Easter Sunday full of family, food, and celebration of our Risen Savoir. =)

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