Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Favorites: Exciting News to Share Edition!!

This week has been a little on the crazy side, but it's also been an exciting one! A family secret is no longer a secret.................................................................................................................................................................................................... 

I'm going to be an aunt again!!! AnAn and Frankie are expecting a little bundle of joy this Fall!! Squeal!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was Anna's announcement on Instagram and FB. =) 

We've known for over a WHOLE MONTH but had to keep quiet until yesterday. We are so excited and thrilled for Anna and Frankie... and us! Ha! We can't wait to meet this sweet baby and can't wait to experience being aunt and uncle to Baby O!! We are praising God for this blessing and just THRILLED. This news is my most favorite to share this week!

And now here are my regular, not as exciting favorite happenings from our week... =)

*Last Friday when Terrell and the big boys got ready to go play "real golf". Such a precious picture I'll always love looking back at. One day they'll be as big as Terrell going off to play golf. *Tear* Soaking up their cuteness and adorable little selves while they're little!!

*Our littlest love is officially walking!! He is seriously the cutest thing. Seriously. =) He's all over the place and it's one of my very favorite things to watch! His adorable little unsteady walk melts me every time and I just watch and smile. Oh how these last baby milestones get me!

*One of the boys' Easter gifts from my parents was the game "Mousetrap" and it has quickly become their new favorite thing. One afternoon this week they played for over an HOUR. Of course I had to help with set-up once a mouse was trapped or had to step in when a rule was in question, but for the most part they were totally independent. It's the simplest little game but it has them hooked. Haha!

*We are big time Braves fans at our house. They've disappointed us with their off-season decisions (boo!) but we are fans nonetheless. Win or lose we love them. So when the Braves made their regular season debut this week, my big boys were pumped. They were so excited that Austin pulled out the tomahawks for him and Garrison to use to cheer on our team of unknowns. Hahaha. I have to say we've all been super impressed they kicked off the season with a sweep of the Marlins in Miami! Time to start letting the boys watch an inning or 2 before bed every night. So fun. =)

*Garrison has been asking for me to come eat lunch with him for a few weeks and I just haven't been able to work it out to go on a day off... until this week! Me and the littles enjoyed our lunch date with Garrison lots! Austin was out of sorts most of the morning but we still managed a fun lunch and a special visit with our biggest boy.

*Austin and I have kept things super simple with school time this week. Our favorite activity was a simple butterfly craft we were given at Storytime this week. I think this is a fun Spring craft I'll keep on repeat every year. =)

*Garrison got to walk to his classroom with one of bestie's yesterday morning. But first they made a stop by AnAn's room to draw a special message on her board. =) We are so thankful for sweet friends!

*I'm also pretty thankful superheroes live at my house. =) They were doing lots of rescuing yesterday afternoon. I heard Garrison send Austin to rescue someone so Austin came flying through the living room and into the kitchen and said Here! Grab onto my cape! I will rescue you! Then took off back to his room. Hahaha! This age is so fun!

We are so thankful for the exciting news we got to share this week courtesy of my sis and brother-in-law!! And that it's Friday! Now we're looking forward to fun weekend plans. Regular Friday night activities tonight... out to eat or take-out and then movie night. On Saturday we have back to back games with the big boys and then we're taking my mom out for her birthday Saturday night. Then Sunday after church we may try to squeeze in our Spring pics of the boys. Depends on the weather and the moods of our little men. Haha. We shall see. Happy Friday!!

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Lauren and Eddie said...

My sister is expecting too! This will be our first niece or nephew. She's due in October.