Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

*This week has been sort of crazy. We've been busier than normal. I've been going to bed a little later. I've been feeling tired and overwhelmed. My two littles are still fighting coughs and runny noses. I've been fighting some allergy woes myself. I've been tempted with pity parties. I've just been kind of all over the place this week. Both literally and emotionally. Thankfully the weekend is on the horizon and Spring Break will be here the week after next! And that's always encouraging! (We have the latest Spring Break in the history of Spring Breaks... I think we'll all appreciate it once we head back to school with just a few weeks left to go before Summer... right now though, not so much.)

*The pollen is off the chain around here. It's thick and heavy and wreaking havoc on pretty much everybody. Except for baseball practice, we're trying to stay inside. Hopefully it moves on soon. Here in the Selph household we are over it big time. This is just the worst part about Spring. Thank goodness for allergy meds!

*One of my favorite bloggers wrote an awesome, amazing post about lowering our expectations as parents. It is so good and so worth your time to read. While I'm all about planning fun things for my kiddos and being involved in their school activities and sports and such, the constant craziness of revolving every single thing around them all of the time is not okay and is not happening here. It's not okay or good for any of us... parents, children, society, any of us. I want a balance in my home. I want my kids to be independent and capable of playing and doing things without me. I want them to know and understand that everything does not revolve around them. But I also want to share their childhoods with them. To plan fun outings and crafts and play games with them at home. There just has to be a balance. And finally, FINALLY, I am seeing some of this balance with my middle. Yay Austin!! (Yay mama!)

I also think as parents it's so important for us to not lose ourselves as a couple. I fully believe in putting your kids first in terms of doing what's best for them and parenting them. I'm a firm believer in parents raising their children... not grandparents or teachers or the school or the daycare or fill in the blank. However, you must make time for yourselves as a couple. You must prioritize your marriage. Click on the link and read it. It's one of the best.

*Speaking of marriage and family... My husband is totally the best. So I have to take just a minute to brag on him. =) I mentioned above that I've been out of sorts this week and kind of blah and stressed. And that honestly doesn't happen toooo often. For the most part, I've got the multi-tasking thing down around here. I've embraced our baseball schedule really well this season. I've found a good groove working from home. Now I'm not laid back about every single thing, I definitely have my moments, but I do find it rare these days for me to become overwhelmed and stressed and down. Until this week. I don't know what got in to me. But Terrell Selph has stepped up big. He is my biggest supporter and a true help mate. Like all the time, but especially when I need him most. This week in particular he has gone above and beyond to lessen my load and do whatever he can to make things easier on me. As my responsibility grows, so does his. Because he chooses to take on more. And I am soooo appreciative and thankful for that! I am so proud to call him mine and so grateful for the example our boys have in him. He is one of a kind. =)

*With Spring Break right around the corner and April being one of our more busy months, I'm thinking about holding off on a new theme to do with Austin for our school time. I'm leaning towards pulling out oldies but goodies or just doing some reviews or simple stuff until we're past Spring Break and I've had some time to devote to truly planning a thematic unit. The only problem with this idea is that if I don't have it planned, it typically doesn't get done. So. What to do? I have to do some planning to insure that school time isn't neglected but I really want to keep it simple for now. I'm liking the oldies but goodies idea. I don't think my student will mind, I just have to write it down every day to hold myself accountable to make sure we keep right on truckin'.  My last theme of the school year by the way is going to be Summer/The Beach/The Ocean! So fun!!

*I have another good read to share... specifically for moms of boys. =) This is a sweet letter written by a mom of boys to her future daughters-in-law. I think it's so special and so heartfelt. I think about my boys growing up and getting married pretty regularly. Probably because I'm always praying for them and their future wives. =) Any wedding I've attended since having Garrison makes me think of being the mother of the groom. Of what that will feel like to hand my baby, my son, over to someone else. I'm imagining it's the way most dads feel when they give their daughters away to be married. It's a big deal. And this letter so sweetly outlines the prayers I think most boy moms are praying over their sons and their future daughters-in-law. I know I'll be adopting some of her prayers myself. I'm so thankful my babies are still little for now! =)

That's all my thoughts for now... Happy Thursday!

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