Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Favorites: Easter Week Edition

This week has been a crazy one. Everything has been thrown off... regular schedules, routines, and normalcy have just been off. Garrison was sick most of the week and ended up missing 2 days of school. We've been fighting fevers, coughing, allergies, and weird symptoms since Monday. We've just been out of sorts. But we're hoping we can get well and get back to normal in time for all of our special weekend plans. Hopefully my big boys are on the mend and after a trip to the doctor for my baby boy he will be too!

Due to the crazy nature of our week, my favorites are short and sweet...

*Having Garrison home with us all day for 2 straight days meant lots of extra play time for my big boys. When Garrison wasn't laying around fighting a fever, he was playing with Austin. They built lots of creations with mega blocks... this one was my favorite and the most elaborate. =)

*While Garrison was home I also planned a little Easter craft for the big boys... Easter egg chicks! A card stock oval, construction paper beak and feet, googly eyes, and several square pieces of tissue paper "feathers" to scrunch are all you need. Here are the finished products... too cute!

*It was a super last minute decision to let our biggest play in his game Tuesday night, but after much discussion, meds, and a watchful eye we decided to let him play. Another win in the books for the Red Trojans!

*My 2 big boys watched this video this week which does a great job explaining the Easter story on a kid friendly level. Garrison definitely gets it and I think Austin gets it about as well as a 3 year old can. This was Garrison's 2nd Easter to watch it and this year he made note that mama and daddy are followers of Jesus and so are lots of other people we know! =)

*In the midst of an off, sick week, we still managed to attend our church's Easter egg hunt! Layton's first ever to truly participate! This was fun for the whole fam but especially fun for the big boys. They racked up!

Layton was pretty impressed and intrigued too and found approximately 6 eggs...with help from daddy. =)

*This week for one of our school time activities, Austin and I matched plastic eggs... uppercase letters to lowercase letters. It was a fun little Easter themed activity and one that I've used since Garrison was 3. Yay for recycling good ideas. =)

*Favorite compliment: Mama you sure are a special mom. You do a lot of jobs for us. ~Garrison Cade Oh be still my heart! Garrison told me this one morning he was home from school with us as I was preparing breakfast for Layton and Baby A. I think he saw and recognized my busyness for the first time. It was just the sweetest, most sincere, most appreciative compliment. I got tears in my eyes and hugged him BIG!

This week may have been a little off and a lot crazy, but it was filled with reminders of Easter and the hope we have in Jesus. We are so looking forward to more Easter fun this weekend and most importantly, celebrating His resurrection. I'll leave you with one of my new favorite songs. Happy Easter!!

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