Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Favorites: We Made it to Spring Break We Hope!

Well, we're still here. We're not really 100%, but we're here. And it's Friday. And Spring Break starts this afternoon. Yay! 

It's been a whirlwind of a week. A whirlwind of germs, sickness, not feeling good, and just about everything being thrown off. I came down with a nasty cold at the beginning of the week that I hope I'm almost totally over. Although this morning some of my symptoms are back. Boo. But I'm still hopeful I'm pretty much done with it. Then Austin came down with a short-lived stomach bug late Wednesday night. It was awful while it lasted but was over quickly. Praise the Lord! And poor Layton has had something going on with his tummy too that we're just trying to wait out. Thankfully we think, hope, and pray we're all headed in the right direction toward being WELL. We haven't made it to the safe zone yet but we think we're close. Please pray for us. We have plans for a Spring Break get-away (that's supposed to kick off tomorrow) that we reeeally don't want to be interrupted by all the sickies. 

I did manage just a few pics of my most favorite happenings during our whirlwind of a week...

*We were able to celebrate my mom's birthday Saturday night and the highlight seemed to be singing Happy Birthday and blowing out candles. =) It was a fun evening full of good times and laughter!

*This little man has discovered how to put himself in the baby swing. Which we still use on occasion when we're desperate. Ha! He gets so tickled and proud of himself once he finally reaches success. =)

*We weren't able to get in much school time this week but what we were able to do involved trains... A tens number train and our infamous alphabet train. Both trains turned out to be pretty big favorites for my student.

*Garrison requested an empty Little Debbie box from my mom on Sunday after church and this week he used it to make a space scene... complete with a rocket ship and planets. =)

*My biggest boy also made me the sweetest little card this week with one of my favorite ocean animals on the front (a whale in case you didn't know). The inside was full of hearts and a giraffe... one of my favorite zoo animals. =) It was so precious and totally melted me!

*Something else that melted me this week was whenever we read one of Austin's favorite books before naptime every day... Steam Train Dream Train. Every single time we got to this page in the book about 3 boys jumping in and falling asleep he would point out and "name" Garrison, Austin, and Layton. And he does this every single time, but this week it just really got to me. It made my heart smile and reminded me to just pause and take in the moment. My 3 year old baby sitting in my lap listening to his favorite book and sweetly "naming" his brothers in the book too. I'm so grateful for my boys and so thankful for the friendship they'll always have in each other. 

This week may have been a tough one full of lots of unexpected little interruptions but it still held blessings and laughter and goodness. We are sooo looking forward to all getting back to 100% and to heading out on a mountain get-away with Terrell's parents. We're hoping for a fun kick-off to our Spring Break in the mountains and a somewhat relaxing wrap-up once we get home. Happy Friday and Happy Spring Break!!

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