Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Home Stretch

This week we're back to school and work and the regular routine for one final month before summer. 17 school days left and counting. Woohoo!! The whole house has seemed to be a little peppier getting ready the past 2 mornings. Of course the sun shining and it actually being daylight in the mornings has helped quite a bit too. Today is rainy and we're dragging. Ha. But we're all excited about the home stretch and wrapping up the school year. Nothing like summer break on the horizon to keep us all motivated. =)

I've mentioned before that Kindergarten has been a big adjustment for my firstborn. It's been a big jump from PreK. The biggest difference being the longer school day. He still struggles with the day dragging by. He also struggles with the working part. Haha. In some ways I know that he just has to accept it and get used to it because school is work, just a fact of life and growing up after all, but in other ways I know that at this age school should still be fun for him. The majority of the time anyway. And I want that for him. I want him to enjoy school. For as long as possible! And right now school isn't his favorite. Even though I know he enjoys parts of it and he's learning a TON (I'm amazed at what they're teaching in Kindergarten now!) and he has some great friends and a sweet teacher, he's tired and just ready to be done.

He's ready for free time and down time and to put the work and schedule and long days of Kindergarten behind him. And honestly we are too. We aren't totally burnt out on Kindergarten but we are ready to turn the page to a new chapter. A nice summer break before heading onward and upward to 1st grade sounds like a plan.

(Even though he's already mentioned some anxiety over 1st grade and missing his teacher and wanting to be with his friends. Poor baby inherited some of my traits. Bless him. We're going to be praying about 1st grade all summer long!)

Summer breaks are always timely and needed, but this year's summer break feels even more so. We've almost completed our very first year of big school and that's made for a huge difference when it comes to looking forward to this summer. Big school is full time, the real deal so we're ready for a break something serious.

We're ready for slower days. More time together. No homework. Endless play time. Fun outings. Our week at the beach. Sleeping (a little) later. Water days. Time to be bored. Time to rest. Time to enjoy the perks of summer.

I know we'll have our challenges because we always do. Being together almost every second of every day for over 2 months always comes with a few challenges, but this summer feels a little different than the summers of the past. This summer break is needed. Garrison needs this break and time at home. Austin needs to have his best playmate home with him. I need more quality time with all 3 of my babies together under the same roof. We've missed each other and need this together time coming up lots.

I also feel more relaxed about this summer. Not sure if it's the ages of my kiddos or being back in the hometown or just that I've turned over a new leaf, but this summer I'm planning to go with the flow more and plan a little less. We most certainly without a doubt will still follow some sort of a routine. We'll still have plans for fun outings and even some occasional structure for when we're home. But it will be on a smaller scale. I want to keep things light. I want to give the boys an opportunity to be bored. (This post has me inspired and motivated on the boredom topic!) I want to allow for some laziness and allow for some last minute-ness. I want to try for a laid back summer. Gasp! Laid back isn't my strong suit, but I'm feeling it for this summer. My big boys are mostly independent and my baby boy should still be taking 2 naps a day (the days we're home), so I'm hoping that makes things more low-key. It won't be quiet or drama-free around here but it should be a tad more relaxed. And if laid back turns out to be a mistake and ensues total chaos around here, I can always go back to my roots and pull out the calendar and get to planning. =)

We're on the home stretch now. Almost there. Oh so close! Yay for Summer!!

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