Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Favorites: Spring Break Edition

Spring Break week has been full of fun! Mostly. =) I finally made it to the doctor yesterday morning with my 3 little men in tow (clearly I was desperate) and am hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel soon! We kicked things off with an adventure-filled mountain getaway and winded things down with relaxation and a few special treats at home. And it's still Spring Break for 3 more days counting today!!

Here are my favorite moments from our week off...

*A trip to Gatlinburg with my most favorite guys ever. Love these 4 more than they know!

*Watching my boys' dance moves, fascination, and sheer joy over the dancing water fountain.

*Knowing our Bailey girl was well taken care of while we were away. She got to hang out with Granna and Papa for a few days. So thankful we've never had to board her. She always travels with us or stays with the grandparents. =) A pretty big blessing for sure.

*The boys got to enjoy the pretty weather this week. They've driven their cars around, played golf in the backyard, picked  weeds  flowers, and watched their stomp rockets soar. =)

*They also got to enjoy some down time together. Something that doesn't happen very often during a regular week. Brotherly love sure is special.

*Wednesday was "Rec Night" at our high school's baseball game so half our family got to get in the game for free wearing their uniforms. The big boys were amazed. They loved watching the BIG Trojans and were so impressed with them. It was a really fun game for the whole fam. I was also super amazed at how many families we knew who had a son playing on the high school team. I am loving small town life! And excited about going back to some future games. =)

*Terrell and Garrison had one Spring Break practice this week and Terrell let Austin join the team for a night. Oh my. Can you say adorable?! I loved watching my baby play with the older boys. And he was pretty proud of himself too. =) While Garrison was still competitive with Austin and tagged him out twice, he was also the sweet big brother showing him the ropes and reminding him what to do for every play in the field. I am so thankful for all the sporting events I have in my future with all my babies!

*Layton had fun at practice too. Even though he's a little busier now that he's walking, he's so much easier to manage out and about. He's not crying because he's strapped in the stroller and I don't have to hold him the whole entire time while he fights for his freedom. He just toddles around and takes things in and is pretty low maintenance. Yay. =)

Today I have one more day of Spring Break fun planned. We're hoping for a possible picnic and trip to the park. We're also hoping to finally get pictures done of the boys in their Easter before they outgrow anything. Sigh.

This weekend is pretty wide open and we aren't sure yet of any plans. Which is probably a good thing. A blank canvas weekend is much needed every now and then. Happy Friday!!

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