Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was super special for the Selph fam. We filled it to the brim with lots of family time, fun, and memories. It was such a blessing to celebrate our Risen Savior with our church family and with our family-family. We had a great Easter weekend with everyone we love most. =)

The weekend festivities kicked off for us on Good Friday with Terrell having the day off. Yay! We love when daddy gets a day off and I was especially thankful he had the day off Friday because Layton came down with a fever and double ear infection Thursday night, and even though I was working Friday, I was able to get away early Friday morning to take him to the doctor. Layton had a pretty rough day on Friday but thankfully started feeling better and better over the weekend.

Terrell went and ate lunch with Garrison at school on Friday (such a big deal and special treat for our biggest) and then he and the big boys met my dad for an afternoon of golf. It was their first time playing "real golf" and they did great! They played 9 holes, plus a bonus hole and loved it. They are pretty much the cutest golfers I've ever seen!

They crashed Friday night after their movie night and on Saturday morning we slept in and let the boys rest before heading over to Terrell's parents' house. The boys got lots of Easter goodies from Nana and Pops before enjoying a fun, indoor egg hunt. Saturday morning was wet, windy, and chilly so it was nice to have the egg hunt inside. The boys loved it! It was a new adventure for them... and with a twist. Garrison had to find eggs labeled with G and Austin had to find eggs labeled with A. They were pretty proud of their personalized eggs. =)

Layton mainly loved eating yogurt melts out of his eggs. =)
We went out to lunch with Nana, Pops, and Granny before heading home for naptime. Then after naptime we loaded up the fam to head over to my parents' house for a big birthday celebration/family reunion fish fry. Every Spring my mom's side of the family gets together for a fish fry and to celebrate multiple Spring birthdays in the family. So it's like a mini family reunion. This year it was held on my mom's actual birthday and she hosted! Talk about putting the birthday girl to work. Haha.

The birthday group... My mom, my great aunt, my uncle, and my Paw Paw

The big boys stayed outside playing with cousins all afternoon and had a ball. 

We had a fun time at the fish fry and enjoyed catching up with everybody before coming home, giving the boys a bath, reading the Easter story, getting the boys in bed, and prepping 3 Easter buckets. The boys were pretty thrilled with their new treats Sunday morning.

We had a wonderful Easter service at church (standing room only in our service!) before heading straight to my parents' for family Easter pics. It's an Easter tradition after all. =) Even though we had some issues with the boys' hats... as in complaining or not wearing them correctly (Layton is demonstrating correct wear in the pic below...), and even though we had some issues with the sun... as in it was too bright and hurting someone's eyes, we did have 2 pictures we thought turned out really good. Woohoo!

Our 1st favorite 

Our 2nd favorite
I'm calling it family Easter picture success! It was a lot of work, but mission accomplished! Big thanks to my mom, our photographer every year, who endures the ups and downs of Easter family picture drama. Ha!

After our mini photo session we went home to change clothes and prepare for the rest of our Easter afternoon. Living back in B'ville is totally, wonderfully awesome! Like better than I even imagined. =)

We enjoyed a delicious Easter feast at my parents' house with Anna and Frankie, my grandparents, and my aunt and uncle. It was so good. And we even brought home some leftovers. Double yay.

After our feast we decided to take some family pics... The Garrison/Selph/O'Mary crew. =)

Next up, our crew plus the Piper's!

And last but not least a picture of our fam with my Nanny, who is also a Garrison. =)

I'm so thankful we were able to all be together for Easter. It was a special day full of laughter and joy. We truly are blessed beyond measure.

After wrapping up all the pictures, me and AnAn hid all of Granna's Easter eggs and then the boys got to hunt! I think we now have a record, never before seen amount of candy at our house. It is overflowing more than ever before. Haha! It's crazy. And so hard to stay away from!

I have to say, all 3 of my babies looked oh so handsome in green. =)

After hunting eggs and eating candy we hung out at my parents' house and watched the boys open their Easter goodies from Granna and Papa (they're only slightly spoiled by all the grandparents, haha) and then we let the boys play while we talked and rested. It was a really great afternoon and one of the best Easter weekends. Living here made things so much easier and laid back for us and we so much enjoyed all of our time with family and all of the fun memories we made with our boys. It was a blessed weekend for sure. Big thanks to my parents for hosting 2 major family gatherings at their house on back to back days for the 2nd year in a row!!!

And now I leave you with a few of our favorite outtakes from our Easter family pictures...

Fun times... Take 1. Three out of five with eyes open, mouths closed, and faces looking at the camera isn't too bad.

My sweet husband humors me every single time I want family pictures (he threatens and bribes the kiddos and everything) and this time he was just a little distracted by Layton's arm placement. Haha! And in case you didn't know, the sun was not Austin's friend during our pictures.

The rearrangement of positions during a photo shoot is quite challenging. All the while, I'm holding a paci (minor photo bomb), Garrison is posing like a patient little model (which is somewhat misleading as he tired of the photo shoot rather quickly), and Layton is looking at my mom like this is craziest thing he's ever been a part of (I'm guessing this is pretty accurate).

Losing control right here. Losing position and form and attention spans fast

Annnnnnnnd, we're done. It's over. Calling it quits. Positions are abandoned, poise is lost, silliness and craziness and delirium over the longest family Easter photo shoot ever has taken over. But memories! We were making memories and laughing while doing so. So crazy. So difficult. So hilarious. I'm going to laugh at these outtakes for years to come. Thanks Granna for your continuous pushing of the button despite our crazed state. This one in particular is priceless.

Happy Monday afternoon. =)

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