Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Favorites: Week of Fun!

We have had a really fun week around here. Between Garrison's party, a Superbowl party, and Garrison's birthday week we have all just enjoyed ourselves lots. I've been soaking up my blessings for sure. Here are my favorite happenings from our week of fun...

*Superbowl spread! Terrell and I have always tried to eat some good party food on Superbowl Sunday because we're sports fans and it's a fun game and good eating. =) But this year was even better because we got to enjoy an appetizer feast with family! Living here really is the best. It was so fun to spend Superbowl Sunday eating good food with family and laughing and enjoying the game and commercials. Such a fun blessing!

*Garrison had a curious little visitor this week while he did his homework. Somehow the roles have shifted and now Austin just plays or runs wild while Garrison rushes through homework so he can do the same and Layton hangs and watches his biggest brother and wants in on some homework too. Sorry for the run-on sentence. Haha.

*My 3 peas in pod. =) We enjoyed some low-key nights hanging out on the couch this week. When it's cold out and gets dark early it usually works out for us to eat, finish supper, and clean-up early. Which means some good down-time in the evenings... especially for my bigs. Layton isn't a big believer in sitting still on the couch yet.

*Unfortunately mama has gotten a little slack with school time lately. Between planning 2 parties and busily searching for a new car and talking to dealerships daily and assembling Valentines, school has just been put on the back burner. Which has made my student a little less enthusiastic about school time. But we pushed through this week. We wrapped up weather by comparing and ordering raindrops and by searching for types of weather in magazines and playing weatherman based on the picture. We also got in some practice writing his name. Hopefully next week will bring a little more enthusiasm with some fun Valentine crafts. =)

*This little man had a wild hair day this week that was just hilarious! He woke up with it super crazy and it took just about all day before it would lay down. It was too cute!

*Project I Love You Because is right around the corner!! We did this for the first time the year before last and I'm so excited to do it again. Last year we were having a baby the week of Valentine's Day so we had to skip it but this year the boys and I (including daddy!) are really looking forward to it! The project kicks off this weekend and we'll read them Valentine's Day. =)

*Celebrating our firstborn's birthday on yesterday was so fun! He woke up with a huge smile on his face and had the best day. =) Every year starting at 2 or 3 we give the boys an "experience" as their main birthday gift, and this year we're taking the big boys to Fernbank! Garrison has been requesting to visit a museum ever since he saw one on an episode of Wild Kratts. He is super excited and so are we!

We have a pretty fun weekend planned and are looking forward to continuing Garrison's birthday celebration! Happy Friday!!

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