Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Favorites: Valentine's Week

We've had a pretty fun Valentine's Week around here. If you don't count the majority of us being under the weather, it's been a great week. The sickies have put a damper on things but we've still made the most of our week. Here are my favorite little happenings...

*Austin and I got back on track with school and did some Valentine themed activities. The first was a game of memory (on heart shaped construction paper that I now need laminated). We matched uppercase and lowercase letters. His favorite card game right now is memory and we play at least once a day so this was a big hit. We played it multiple times this week and it was good review for matching letters and some good practice with letter sounds. I've since added more letters. We started small. Ha.
*Garrison made me the sweetest little picture and note this week! You can't read it in the picture so I'll translate... You are the best mama. When you smile I smile. I am sorry for what I did. This is why I make stuff for you because I love you. Melt my heart! So sweet that biggest boy of mine!! I had to ask what he was apologizing for though. Haha. Apparently it was something not so nice he'd done to Austin... which made his little note that much sweeter... and funny. =)
*I have loved watching this sweet baby walk around pushing his toy this week. So cute! He isn't very steady but he is getting the hang of it. =)
*We've all been busily adding hearts to our jar. I made this picture earlier in the week and now our jar is overflowing. We're all excited to read them tomorrow for Valentine's.

*Austin and I also did some graphing of conversation hearts this week. So fun! He loved this little activity... so we've done it more than once. We compared, counted, and enjoyed a few too. =)
*One day this week while I was cleaning up from lunch Layton went missing... I could hear him but I couldn't see him. I found him behind the couch and table stuck in his bumbo seat. Haha! It was a pretty cute sight!
*Terrell had another overnight trip this week... just one night though! But we missed him lots. Especially me! It reminded me of when he was at UGA and we were doing the long distance thing and I was overwhelmed with missing him and wanting to spend every second with him and couldn't wait to marry him. Young love came over me again. After all these years. =) We were all so happy to have him home!

*Celebrating Layton's 1st birthday with him yesterday was pretty special. Garrison made him a sweet card and I made chocolate chip muffins and we sang to him and let him enjoy a special breakfast. He didn't know what was going on but he sure did love his muffin! We're excited about his party coming up next weekend. =)

*A Valentine's Eve pajama day at school for these cuties today!

If we can all get well we have a fun weekend planned... We're getting a new car (PTL!), celebrating Valentine's Day as a family, celebrating Nana's birthday with Terrell's side of the fam, AND enjoying a long weekend with daddy! Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!!

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