Thursday, February 12, 2015

12 Months Old~ Happy Birthday Layton!

My baby boy is 1 today! One year old! A whole year has passed since he made his appearance in the middle of a snow and ice storm. A whole year full of lots of changes for our family. A new job, a big move, a tiny old rental house, Kindergarten for his biggest brother. A whole year full of joy and challenges. A whole year!!

The days are long but the years are short rings truer than ever today. I have so enjoyed my littlest love this first year. I have loved watching him grow. He has been the biggest blessing to our family and can light up a room in a mini second with his baby blues and big contagious smile. We are just smitten over our baby boy big time. All of us! While it's tempting to wish he'd stay little forever, I know I'd miss the fun and excitement and joy that comes next. And that's a blessing I'm very much looking forward to!

This month has been busy. Party planning, chasing down a fast baby, lots of teeth, strange sleeping habits, massive appetites...just to name a few. But it's been a fun month too. We enjoyed an amazing long weekend. We celebrated Garrison's 6th birthday. We planned a 1st birthday. It's been full and fun. Unfortunately now we have some little colds going around. But that doesn't seem to be slowing anybody down too much. Poor Layton is celebrating today under the weather but thankfully we're going for his well check tomorrow anyway and we're looking forward to our Winter Break next week. =)

Layton's monkey pics this morning were WILD. Oh my he was all over and totally uncooperative. Haha! We'll probably try again tonight when daddy gets home. Due to not one single one being super great I couldn't resist adding a few more to document his shenanigans.

 Garrison at 12 months...

Austin at 12 months...

12 Months Stats & Happenings...

*We won't know for sure how much you weigh til tomorrow at your well-check but we have a good feeling it's around 20 pounds. Yay!! We are super proud of all that weight gain and growth! I'll have to update this post after your appointment when we have your official stats. =)

*You are still wearing size 4 diapers and mostly 12 months or 12-18 months clothes. The 12 months clothes are quickly becoming a little too small!

*You have lots of teeth now! 4 in a row on the bottom plus 1 all the way through on the top with 2 more close behind. They're all coming at once it seems like! And I think all those teeth are partly to blame for some unpredictable sleeping habits lately.

*Speaking of those sleeping habits... this month has been a bit of a tough one in the sleep department. You started waking up around 10 or so almost every single night and again in the middle of the night 2-3 nights a week as well. Mama and daddy have just taken turns and tried our best to comfort you and get you settled and back on track. Hopefully better sleep is coming soon! You still go to bed around 7:30 and still wake up anytime between 6:30 and 7:30, although this month has been closer to 6:30. It's just a phase though and I know we'll get good sleep again soon enough. =)

*Your naps are going good right now. (At least until you got sick) Both of your naps are about an hour and a half consistently. Yay! They aren't super long but they are long enough, and I'm good with that. =)

*Your appetite continues to grow, if that's even possible. You would eat non-stop if we let you. You love table food and snacks most of all but you're still eating lots of baby food and taking your bottles like you're starving. Haha! We've decreased your bottles just a tad more in anticipation of weaning. Plus you had a little stretch this month of not finishing every drop so we ran with it. Right now you're taking 7 ounces first thing in the morning and 6 ounces in the afternoon and 6 ounces again before bedtime. We recently started making your oatmeal using whole milk and that seems to be going good so far. Guess we'll see what you pediatrician has to say tomorrow about transitioning to whole milk full time.

*You just started "walking" holding on to something this week! You also will stand by yourself and let go for just a second or 2. Looks like you'll be walking sometime between your big brothers... Garrison didn't walk til almost 15 months and Austin was walking at 11 months. You'll be somewhere in between. For now you're just pulling up non stop and crawling all over. And you learned how to do a real crawl this month! Cutest thing ever!! I love watching you go!

*Your favorite place in the house (other than your highchair while being fed) is the big boy room. You LOVE going in there and getting into all of the fun stuff they have on your level. I catch you playing at the tool table and pulling up on their toy grill and dumping out their little bins at the bottom of their bookshelf and pulling up on the ladder to Garrison's bed. You would just hang out in there all day if you could. You especially love being in there when your big brothers are in there. It's the cutest thing.  

*You seem to be talking more! Your favorite word by far is da-da. You call your daddy da-da but you also call me da-da and several other things da-da. Ha! You can also say bye, uh oh, and no-no... which comes out more like nah-nah. You say ma-ma every now and then which I'm totally partial to. It's my favorite word you say. Although hearing da-da throughout my day every day is pretty sweet too. =)

*You love being read to before naps and bedtime. It's one of my favorite times of the day! You don't love being rocked so much anymore. You're fine being bounced or cuddled just a little before I put you in your crib but you're not a fan of being rocked right now.

*Your big brothers adore you and mama and daddy love you to pieces!! You are such a special and wonderful addition to our family. We are so thankful for YOU and the day you were born!! And this super fun first year! Happy Birthday to our precious, priceless 3rd baby boy, Layton Thomas Selph! We love you more than you know!!


A look back at the day you were born a whole year ago.  =)

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