Thursday, February 5, 2015

Happy Birthday Garrison!

Garrison Cade, you are 6 today! A whole hand plus one!! I am amazed at how fast we got here and how fast you are growing. Amazed that our first baby boy is already 6! Time really does fly when you're having fun and we're so thankful we're having fun and experiencing life with you, one of our biggest blessings. 
 A few fun facts about you as you turn 6 YEARS OLD...

*You are a really great big brother! You love your little brothers fiercely and you and Austin are thick as thieves. =) Y'all do just about everything together. When the two of you are playing well and getting along, we have the most happy, peaceful household ever. I love and cherish those times because it makes my heart so full. You are encouraging, loving, supporting, and helpful with a side of rough and tumble too. And you are already protective over Layton and have the sweetest relationship with him. I love watching you love on and nurture your little brothers.

*You are our risk-taker. You like living on the wild side. Haha. You test the boundaries a lot. You play hard and wide open and usually a little too rough. You challenge us. You enjoy trying new things. And you definitely have an adventurous side. =)

*You are very curious and inquisitive. Since you learned to talk you've been asking questions and wanting to be in the know. You have questions about lots of grown-up things and lots of random things that interest you. You're into animals, buried treasure, metal detector finds, Bible stories, superheros, sunken ships, and rocks. And those are just the things I can remember! You love asking questions and finding out more about these topics.

*You still love to eat! A trait that has remained since babyhood. =)You are usually the first to finish eating supper every night and the first to ask for seconds. It has become a very rare thing for you to not clean your plate. You have a big appetite and an even bigger sweet tooth. Man is your sweet tooth HUGE! Haha! You loooove some dessert, candy, or a sweet snack.
*You are a sports lover through and through. So of course that makes for a special bond between you and your parents. =) Right now the whole family is loving watching the Hawks. You also love the Braves (yay for baseball season coming up!), the Falcons, and the Bulldogs. You are a sweet fan. Sometimes it really bothers you when your team loses but then you're always quick to remind us (and yourself) that it's not about winning, just about having fun. =) We're excited to watch you play baseball in the Spring. Watching you play sports is one of our favorite things!

*You love to draw. Almost everyday you sit at your table to color or draw something or make some kind of special picture. You love art and making things and drawing things for friends and family. You are always super proud of your art work. And so are we!

*We've recently discovered that your primary love language is giving gifts. (I'm reading the 5 Love Languages of Children now so that confirmed it for me without a doubt.) You are always making things for others or sharing things with others or giving little "gifts". At the beginning of the school year you would decorate a "bracelet" made out of paper for all of your classmates and take them to school every single day. I seriously think we made one for every classmate and at one point you were even taking requests for how they wanted their bracelets decorated. Then when you collected pecans from our pecan tree you always took them to friends and teachers and family members everywhere we went. You always bring something home from school for Austin and share anything you're given at school with him. You draw pictures and make cards all the time for friends and family. You just show love through all of your little gifts and they are always so sweet and thoughtful. I absolutely love receiving your gifts. Now we're working on showing love to YOU through gifts. =)

*You use your imagination lots. You always come up with fun ideas for you and Austin to play and y'all are typically pretend animals or superheros or rescue bots. I think a lot of your inspiration comes from your favorite TV shows. You just have a creative little mind and I love listening to and watching your imagination at work.

*You love to sing. You learn songs quickly and love singing in the car. You're also enjoying choir and just seem to be a natural when performing with a group. Watching you sing and perform is such a treat!

*Kindergarten has been a big adjustment for you but you are doing amazing in big school! You're learning lots and picking up on things quickly and love seeing and playing with all of your friends everyday. You're learning to read more and more and really enjoy writing stories. And of course math is going great. You're a numbers guy just like daddy. =) Even though big school has come with some challenges we are so proud of the student and classmate you are! You are one smart kid!

*Christmas, the beach, spaghetti, birthday parties, dessert, school breaks/holidays, presents... these are a few of your favorite things. =)

*You are a big lover of your family. Our immediate family, your grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins are all really special to you. You also have a special relationship with your daddy. You're more a daddy's boy right now and I love how much you love him. He is a GREAT role model and I'm so thankful y'all are blessed with each other.

You are such a priceless gift to our family and we are so thankful God blessed us with you. Happy Birthday at 12:33 pm to our first baby boy and our most favorite 6 year old! We love you every minute of every day!!

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