Thursday, December 18, 2014

Santa Time!

Last Saturday while Terrell and I were in Columbia, SC for Terrell's work Christmas party, my parents took the boys to see Santa!

(And while I am a bit of a control freak and like doing everything "big" with the kids myself, this particular weekend and this particular local Santa set-up was just about our only Santa option for the season. In other words we were desperate. Haha. So I let Granna and Papa do the honors and it worked out perfect. Yay!)

The Santa tradition for us is mostly about the cute/funny/crying/crazy pictures we get of the kiddos as they grow. It's not something we really talk about or build up or eagerly anticipate every year, just a simple, fun, and usually hilarious tradition. Plus it's nice for the big boys to get a chance to tell Santa what they want for Christmas. And even better if it's free. =) We've found that taking our own pictures of the boys with Santa is definitely the way to go.

This year the boys went to visit Santa at the local bank. Mrs. Claus was there too and you took your own pictures plus they had cookies and milk and Christmas suckers and NO LONG LINES. Yes please!

Clearly Layton was not a fan. Haha! Garrison wasn't impressed his first Christmas either. =)

This one may be my favorite. The big boys look happy and totally at ease while Layton has the most pitiful (and afraid!) yet adorable look and frown on his face. I'm going to want this one framed. =)
The different expressions in this close-up are priceless. Layton is still pitiful, Santa is concerned, Austin is working his fake smile, Mrs. Claus is bearing it all with a grin, and Garrison is just happy. I love it. =)

And in this one Austin and Layton are looking at the same thing... probably something my mom was doing to try to distract Layton. Haha. Santa pictures are always interesting!
I'm told my big boys only asked Santa for one thing each. And of course it's something they've never mentioned to us once. Of course. Garrison wants a sled and Austin wants a toy motorcycle. Soooo.... we're still unsure about the whole sled thing. He's picturing (I'm sure) what he's seen in books and movies but what isn't exactly practical or easy to find here in the south. So the jury's still out on what we're going to do about his request for a sled. As far as a toy motorcycle...Terrell is hoping the hotwheel version/size of a toy motorcycle in Austin's stocking will do the trick for him. We shall see. Only Christmas morning will tell.

BIG thanks to Granna and Papa for taking the kiddos to see Santa and continuing the tradition! I'm thinking we may visit this same Santa again next year. I love a real Santa (no fake beards allowed!), free pictures, and no lines. And of course the memories and laughs the pictures always bring. =)

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