Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Favorites Times 2

Last week was Thanksgiving Break and was just wonderful. It was like a reunion for my big boys. They played together all day everyday and enjoyed just about every minute of their extra time together. It was nice for me too because our whole week was so laid back. I am so thankful for school breaks just when we need them!

This week has been pretty good too though. It's Christmastime. Our little house is decorated. We've been reading Christmas books every night before bed. And getting back into the swing of things hasn't been too tough. So I'm thankful for that too.

I haven't made quite as many pictures of my favorite happenings these past 2 weeks as normal, but the ones I've captured are pretty special. Here are my favorites...

*For the past few years I've been recording what the boys are thankful for everyday during the month of November. It is always so precious (and cute and funny) to hear what they have to say. Absolutely nothing was prompted by me for either one of the boys. But we ususally did ask Austin first when we remembered because if not he would just repeat some version of what Garrison said. =)

*During the Thanksgiving Break we watched a Christmas movie almost every single night. So fun! The big boys loved doing this... while Layton tried pulling their blankets off of them. =)
*Thanksgiving morning shortly after 7:00 Terrell caught these sweet brothers laying down reading books together. Melt. My. Heart!!!

*Austin and I started our little school time again this week and made a couple of Christmas trees. One with "ornaments" that spelled Selph, and one with "ornaments" numbered 10-30. My middle man has been giving me a run for my money lately (the terrible 3s may seriously do me in), so fun school time together has been soo nice! 
*My littlest just said mama for the very first time on Wednesday!! Sweetest sound EVER!
*The big boys and I are loving doing our advent calendar/nativity scene every morning. Such a special tradition that helps start our day and keep our focus on the reason for the season.
*The Kindergarteners had a little Christmas program last night that was super cute! And speaking of cuteness, here's my biggest with some of his favorite friends. =)

We are looking forward to a pretty fun weekend. House hunting (yay!!!), shopping, and a Christmas party are all on the agenda. Happy Friday!!

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