Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Card & Family Pics

I love how our Christmas card turned out this year! We did something a little different and decided to add individual pictures of the boys along with a family picture, and I have to say the individual pics are some of my favorite ever!

We also have a tradition of choosing a line from a Christmas carol and this year we chose Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. The song is a classic I've always loved and this year our Christmas season is full of little. Particularly little boys and their Christmas parties, countdowns, and traditions. We are enjoying our Christmas season full of little boys lots!

*Huge THANK YOU to my sweet and talented friend Megan who not only took our family pictures this year but also designed our card! She really can do it all. =) We are so thankful for her and always appreciate her amazing work and attention to detail. She's the best!

And now for my favorite family pics...

This picture captures them and life at this moment so well. =)
I love this one. They have such a sweet relationship.
My big boys. Best friends for life. =)

This one melts my heart...
And this one is my heart...

We are in love with all of them. It may be a full-blown work out getting ready for family pictures and a little stressful picking out clothes and scheduling a date but once we've done it, everything about it is totally worth it. I will always treasure my annual pictures of our growing family. Thanks again Megan!!

**Here's a look back at last year. =)

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