Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Card & Family Pics

This year's Christmas card may be my all-time favorite. We've done a total of 5 "photo" cards and I am in LOVE with this one. We just can't thank Megan enough. She is amazing and truly creates the perfect product every time!

Since Garrison's first Christmas we always do a family photo on our card plus a line from a Christmas carol, and this year's photo and "line" are almost perfect. This may possibly be our best ever family photo that includes everyone looking and smiling a natural smile. Yes!

My boys also love the song "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" and we sing it at least once every single day. Last year, the line Glory to the Newborn King was a big deal and generated much discussion about baby Jesus being born a tiny baby, yet a King. So this card just makes me happy for so many reasons. My family, the line from a favorite Christmas song, the black and white, the design, everything. =) Thanks so much Megan!!

Now to share some family photos. We had these taken at the end of October on the golf course we live on (but they had to remain top secret til we finalized our Christmas card). And it was definitely a successful session. I love so many and am so thankful for Danielle's patience and talent!
A family favorite.
We did this one at our front door for sentimental purposes... and as you tell my children weren't impressed. Garrison's face totally cracks me up. Oh, the dramatics. Shortly after, the reminder of cupcakes became very useful.
Austin's cheese face came out a time or two...
Almost all of the ones of the boys turned out GREAT. An early Christmas miracle. =)
Be still my heart. They were singing Jesus Loves Me. At that point we were pulling out all the stops since we were nearing the end, and singing songs was VERY helpful. =)
Love this one of my big boy so much.
And this little man melts my heart on a regular basis.
We always prioritize family shots and shots of the boys, so the ones of Terrell and the boys and me and the boys aren't typically "favorites". I had to be a TOTAL crazy person to get these smiles.
Clearly they weren't as impressed with daddy's "crazy" as they were with mama's. Haha!
Another favorite of the whole fam that I'm just in love with.

There you have it. Our 2013 Christmas card and family pics. Huge thanks to Megan and Danielle for capturing our family and a glimpse at our Christmas season this year!!
PS... I'm 30 weeks today. Wow. Time is flying by. I'm planning to update after my doctor's appointment on Thursday. 


Melissa said...

Love the pics and card! Merry Christmas!

Megan said...

Thanks for the shout out!! Love all your pics too!

Meggie said...

Thanks! Megan you should seriously have an Etsy shop or something. LOVE your work. I'll be needing it again soon for Garrison's bday too. =)