Friday, December 20, 2013


Despite this week being CRAZY and including my big boy coming down with the same symptons as his little brother the very next day, me making an almost trip to the hospital in an ambulance via a local minute clinic, 3 out of 4 members of our family starting antibiotics, and me missing my class Christmas party... we made it out to see Santa last night! Yay! Success! We did it! Hip, hip, hooray!!

Going to visit Santa every year isn't a big tradition for us mainly because we've never done it the same way or same place every year. It always ends up being a spur of the moment or last minute thing and honestly neither one of my kids have been huge fans of the man in red up close and personal. From a distance- depends on the year, in his lap- not so much.

However, a week or two ago, Garrison asked about when we were going to see Santa so he could tell him what he wanted for Christmas. We were shocked! But that's when we knew we had to make it happen. Our baby was actually requesting to go see Santa. We must find a way. And quick... once Christmas is over you've missed your opportunity and may be left to suffer the consequences of your child's devastation and disappointment.

Even though I'm not back to 100% after the crazy cold/sinus/miserable bug hit me I knew I was up for the challenge last night. Every Thursday night a local store on the Square offers pictures with Santa and you can even bring your own camera. And it's with the same Santa we saw last year at "Breakfast with Santa". And last night was the last night.

Mission accomplished!

I was only able to snap a few photos... mainly because the professional photographer was done really fast and everyone was waiting on me to wrap it up, including the line behind me, but this visit was our most successful Santa visit ever!

Garrison was thrilled. So excited and happy and overjoyed. Austin was apprehensive but went along with it because his big brother wasn't hesitant, and there were no tears from my littlest man this year. Woohoo! (Big, BIG thanks to my mom for getting the boys these adorable outfits!!)

Garrison told Santa he wanted Jake and the Neverland Pirate stuff while Austin simply said Henry Hugglemonster. Haha. Garrison also mentioned some "Santa stuff"... his sleigh, elves, workshop, etc. I honestly have NO idea what he's talking about but apparently he cut a picture of these "toys" out of a magazine at school and he plans to show me exactly what it is today. Can we say last minute? Gracious. Not sure if we'll be able to make it happen or not. 
Here's a couple of our Santa pictures from last year. We've come a long way. A reeally long way. =)
Can't wait to see what next year holds with Santa's lap full of Selph boys. It should be fun! Happy Friday!

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