Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Kick-Off

Christmas has arrived for the Selph household! We kicked things off over the weekend and are looking forward to even more fun coming up. =)

On Saturday (our last day at home together before Christmas as a family of 4... or 5 =)) we planned a Christmas fun day. We started with a special breakfast and then the kids and I made oreo balls, and then they picked a movie to watch with a bowl of a special snack. Other than daddy being passed out in bed and not feeling well we had a fun morning. After lunch and naps we had an early bath time and pizza at home before heading out for our annual tradition of looking at Christmas lights!

(Unfortunately, every single year it's been a bust and just hasn't lived up to expectations. There's been a crying infant, whining 3 year old, complaining toddlers, etc. Just not the fun we'd hoped for. BUT, this year was different. For the better!!! We were thrilled.)

We made a few pics in front of the tree in Christmas pj's (the only pair that fits from last year), made a snack to enjoy in the car, and set out to find some lights!
The kids were immediately "into" it and loved pointing out lights and seeing Santas and snowmen and reindeer. I've honestly been waiting years to hear the joy and excitement and wonder I heard coming from the backseat on Saturday night. They loved it SO much. We found the best house with the most lights in a nearby neighborhood and it seemed to be everybody's favorite. They even had music playing to go along with the lights. Talk about fancy and going all out.
After cruising around and seeing all the lights we could we stopped by the Square on the way home to snap a few pics in Santa's chair. We had a very fun, very successful outing. The tradition continues!
Sunday morning we drove to Barnesville for church and to spend the day with Terrell's family. With Christmas coming on Wednesday this year, Terrell had to work today so we decided to celebrate with his family yesterday afternoon.
We dropped off presents at my parents' house before going to church and got some pictures in front of their tree.
My boys were all so handsome. =)
After church we went to lunch and then put Austin down for a nap before getting ready for Christmas fun. Nana read a story about the candy cane to all the grands and then they sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. Precious.
Next up- presents!!
The boys were thrilled with their goodies and had the BEST time celebrating and playing with their cousins. The grown-ups were spoiled too! It was a really fun afternoon and great way to kick-off our Christmas celebration. I'm thankful Jesus and His birth remained the focus and that my boys are blessed with such special grandparents and extended family.
We got home last night in time to get the boys in bed on time and today we're planning to pack-up and prepare for our 3 nights in the hometown celebrating Christmas with both sides of the family. I'm a little nervous about how much sleep we'll get and how the boys will handle all the busyness and fun coming our way, but I'm trying to remain positive and to remember that even though lack of sleep may very well be part of our Christmas... and meltdowns will most likely occur, Christmas isn't perfect, it's messy, fun, loud, exciting, crazy, and full of memories. And instead of stressing or worrying or getting flustered when things don't turn out perfect, mama needs to soak it up and enjoy it. They'll only be 4.5 and 2 this Christmas. They will only experience this year's celebrations, this way. No need to stress, only enjoy. =)
Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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