Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Christmas Tradition

Last night we planned to go out and enjoy a Christmas tradition with the boys~ riding around looking at Christmas lights! Terrell and I both loved this tradition growing up and even as grown-ups it's still something we look forward to every year... even before having kiddos. There's just something about Christmas lights and seeing houses and yards decked out that make you happy and put you in the spirit that much more. And this year was even more special because we knew Garrison Cade would love it. His face would light up with each yard and house, he would be completely mesmerized, he would ooh and ahh, he would ask to see more, he would clap his hands in delight. In short, he would have the time of his life. Ha! That's what we thought would happen. (Correction: that's what mama wanted to happen.)

We finished supper early and got the boys in their pajamas and ready for bed so that as soon as we got home they could both go to sleep dreaming of twinkling lights. But first we made a few pictures.

The first one is hilarious to me. Austin doesn't know what's happening and has a look of terror on his face! He started getting heavier and heavier and before we knew it, Garrison was about to fall over backwards, sooo we pulled over the rocking chair. They both looked just precious in their Christmas pajamas. (Thanks Granna!)

We had been telling Garrison about our plans for the night and really building it up. He seemed pretty excited after supper, but he kept asking what we were doing after we looked at the lights. Well Terrell and I had talked earlier about getting some ice cream to have after the boys went to bed, so we ended up telling Garrison that we would get some ice cream before coming home (but that he could only have a few bites before bed).

So the whole family got in the car and began our quest to find lots of Christmas lights. We were so excited (mama and daddy that is). Garrison wasn't too impressed because before we got out of our subdivision he started asking when we could go get ice cream. Bummer. Then, Austin started crying. He doesn't hate the carseat, but he doesn't love it either. So it's not unusual for him to fuss and cry a little bit once we get in the car. Well, the crying started to escalate, so before we left our subdivision, we stopped so I could get out and give Austin his paci while we tried explaining to Garrison that the point of the trip was Christmas lights, not ice cream.

Finally we found some lights and Garrison actually enjoyed them. Not to the degree I would have liked, but his face did light up, so that was good. Especially when we found a house that had "Frosty the Snowman" in their yard. However, after seeing like 3 houses he wanted to know when we were getting ice cream and when we were going home. Really? By this time Austin had stopped crying... and had fallen asleep. Great. It was too late for him to nap but what could we do? We were driving around experiencing a Christmas tradition! Ahhh. The highlight of Garrison's night occurred when we discovered a "parade" of decorated golf carts driving around. This was our 2nd year in a row to see them so we were tickled that Garrison noticed them this year. There was a line of about 8-10 decked out golf carts driving around and honking their horns. We even rolled down the windows so Garrison could see and hear them better. From that point forward we basically followed the golf carts around per Garrison's request. The rest of our outing went well, despite the fact that Austin was sleeping away. Garrison enjoyed more lights and we had a nice little ride together in the golf cart subdivision and around town. Then we finally landed at the Chick-Fil-A drive thru for ice cream.

After we got home Garrison got his little taste of ice cream before bed while I fed Austin and tried to get him back to sleep. Unfortunately his power nap in the car meant he wasn't very interested in going to bed. Sooo, Terrell and I ended up being in and out of Austin's room for the rest of the night until I fed him again and he finally went to sleep. Needless to say, the night didn't turn out perfect and wonderful like I'd imagined and hoped for, but memories were made and we enjoyed our outing and Christmas tradition anyway.


Something so sweet and so precious that I had to share~ A few days ago I was getting Garrison dressed in Austin's room after taking him to the potty. I was sitting in the glider in Austin's room helping Garrison get his pants on while Austin was watching us from his crib when Garrison wrapped his arms around my neck and gave me a big hug. Love. Then he said, I love you soo much. (And I told him thank you and that I loved him soo much too.) Then he said, I love my daddy and Ausin and my mama soo much...... Thank you God. It was so sweet and so sincere I felt the tears coming immediately. I blinked them away and instead smiled at him and grabbed him up in a hug and said, Thank you God for Garrison too because mama and daddy and Austin love him so much. It was a priceless moment. I don't think I'll ever forget just how sweet and sincere and loving his little 2 year old voice sounded. I am overwhelemed once again at God's goodness to me. Thank you God for my sweet baby boy who knew to thank You for his family.

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