Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Christmas~ Part 1

Our Christmas tradition with family starts on the 23rd each year when we get together with Terrell's family. The Selph Family Christmas is always on the 23rd and then Terrell's parents host a Christmas Eve breakfast the next morning for close family friends. It's a fun couple of days! We are very blessed that Terrell can get the day off and we can travel to Barnesville to spend the holidays with family a couple of days early.

We arrived in Barnesville mid-morning on Friday and dropped off Bailey and a few more gifts at my parents' house before heading over to the Selph's. Terrell's sister and her family were already there so the little man was excited and ready to play with his cousin. Austin was pretty excited too. He finally got to eat!

After lunch and naps, Nana read the Christmas Story to the grands. I think this might be a new tradition. It should be special (and interesting given the ages of the kiddos) every year.

After that, it was time for presents! Garrison and Allison handed out gifts and we decided to let the kids go first. They were in love with all their goodies and spoiled by Nana and Pops. Garrison's big gift was the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Austin's big gift was a new playmat/baby gym. They were both super excited about their Christmas presents!

After the kids' gifts were opened, the grown-ups forgot all about opening gifts. Everyone got to work tearing into and assembling toys. It was funny. Literally every adult was trying to put a new toy together for a patiently awaiting child. Pops even got Austin's new playmat set up for him. I think Austin really likes it and that we'll get tons of use out of it! Garrison was immediately fascinated and obsessed with his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He was so cute playing with all the little characters and exploring the ins and outs of the Clubhouse. It was a big deal. Big I tell you.

After the kids were all happily playing with new toys, we got ready for our Christmas dinner. Terrell's mom made us lasagna. It was delicious.... and I ate lots. Then I had Peanut Butter Pie for dessert. Soo yummy. I could have eaten half the pie. Even though meals with 4 little ones can be a tad on the crazy side, I loved us all sitting together at the dining room table enjoying our meal together. It made me think of my own childhood Christmas dinners and I'm thankful my babies get to have a similar experience.

After dinner and playing with toys a little longer, it was time for baths and pajamas. And, a Christmas Eve, Eve picture of my boys in their pjs. Love!

Then Austin and Shannon went to bed while Garrison and Allison got in one more game of Uno. Not sure if Garrison ever fully got the hang of it, but he enjoyed it anyway.

Then the real fun of the night began. Garrison and Allison shared a room for the night. Twin beds side by side. Oh my. Nana put them to bed and read them books and then we listened to them on the monitor. It sounded like Garrison did most of the talking. Then it was confirmed. Allison came to the top of the stairs and said that Garrison wouldn't stop talking and that she couldn't sleep. It was hilarious. At one point, Nana, Terrell, and Denny all had to go up. Crazy. They finally fell asleep and we got to exchange gifts. =) The night went great until Garrison woke up around 1:30, and since Terrell and I were sleeping downstairs (just how the arrangements worked out) Kara had to get up with him. I felt terrible when I heard about it. The rest of the night went fine until Garrison woke up at 6:30 and realized Allison wasn't in her bed so it must be time to get up. Oh dear. He normally doesn't wake up until 7:45 at the earliest. Needless to say a meltdown occurred around 9ish that morning because he was SO tired. And meltdowns are not fun anytime, but especially not when there's an audience. I know everyone understood, but it just made me so self-conscious and stressed. Finally we got him ready for the breakfast and AnAn arrived and helped save the day. He tore himself away from his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and sat in her lap and rested.

On a good note, the breakfast was wonderful. My parents and sister were there (how blessed are we that our families are good friends?!) along with lots of other family friends. Terrell's parents actually had their garage fixed up and decorated so we could all be together in the same room. It was fun catching up with everyone and enjoying a huge breakfast. Other than being super tired, Garrison made it through the breakfast without any major issues. Phew.

Before we all left, we got a picture of the Selph (and Reding) clan in front of the Christmas tree. I was very impressed with how it turned out!

We had a great 1st half of Christmas with family and were so thankful for Nana and Pops, our Christmas presents, help assembling toys, help with our boys, the Christmas Story being read, Christmas dinner, a sweet aunt getting up with her nephew in the middle of the night, Christmas Eve breakfast, time catching up, family pictures, and the adventure that was Austin's 1st half of his 1st Christmas!

*The details of the 2nd half of our Christmas coming soon...

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