Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas At Our House

Just for the sake of memories, I'm capturing what Christmas looks like at our house here on the blog. This year we decorated a record 3 trees. One big family tree (we always get a live tree and this year we focused on a nice, straight trunk instead of the overall size and came home with an almost 10-footer), one for Garrison, and one for Austin. I have enjoyed all our trees so much!

We also have a certain 2 year old who occasionally enjoys rearranging the pieces to my Nativity set. Sometimes he even includes his own Fisher Price pieces with mine. Thankfully he isn't too rough and we haven't had any casualties.

Our really big tree that's only two thirds decorated. I'm trying to gradually make the move towards a red and silver tree, but still include all of our sentimental ornaments. It seems like so many people have beautiful themed trees and ours is just a mix of all kinds of ornaments... maybe one day I'll get there with my own.

I'm never really satisfied with my mantle. I may try to change things up a little next year. I'm not sure. I love the pre-lit garland and the Santa and snowman, but something is lacking. And, since I'm not made of money, it may just have to wait.

This is Garrison's little area. It's the end table closest to his toys in the living room and he gets to turn on the merry-go-round whenever he wants and help me change the number everyday as we count down to Christmas. He loves writing with chalk and he loves watching the merry-go-round and listening to the Christmas carols it plays.

Here is Austin's little tree. I decided to use his little toys and baby things as ornaments.... with a lovey as the topper and a blanket as the skirt. =) Garrison helped decorate and loves turning on Ausin's tree every morning.

Garrison's tree... it's made up of sports ornaments to go with the theme of his room. Plus he gets of use several of Terrell's ornaments from growing up, along with a few of his own. And this year we added UGA and Falcons candy canes. Candy canes are a big deal to the little man. I'm sort of wondering if the themes will last with the boys' trees or if they'll end up being mostly their little home-made ornaments from school. If Garrison and Austin share a room one day, I guess they'll share a tree too. Hmmm. Or maybe we would still do 2 trees in one room?

And I leave you with my present-wrapping buddies. Garrison has been my official "bow getter" and "present under the tree placer" throughout the season. He's also enjoyed playing with a stash of his own bows (just like last year, but without the smushing) and Christmas stickers while I wrap. Austin has been a curious observer.... or misssed out on the wrapping fun due to naptime.

There you have the biggies of what Christmas looks like at our house. I had a leave out a few pics due to messiness... but I'm really looking forward to expanding my collection of ornaments and other Christmas decor (when I have money to spend on that kind of thing) and having a cleaner house this time next year... when I'm less busy and have 2 active, walking boys on my hands. =)

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