Wednesday, December 3, 2014

O Christmas Tree

The day after Thanksgiving we met my parents at the tree farm and picked out our Christmas trees together. We always get our tree on Thanksgiving Day or the day after every year and we always get a real one. It's a tradition from both our childhoods and one that we really enjoy. (Especially when we have help getting it inside and in the tree stand! Have I mentioned lately how thankful I am to be back!?) The big search at the tree farm, the chopping down of the tree, the smell of Christmas it brings to our home... so fun and special for the whole fam.

The big boys took off running as soon as we got there and fell in love with this one. Can you say massive? Christmas Vacation? Not gonna fit through the front door? Yes, yes, yes. Haha!  

This year we had to search for a much smaller tree than years past due to a smaller space for the tree to go and much lower ceilings. And that part was sort of a bummer for me because every tree we liked was too big and every tree that would fit felt like a Charlie Brown tree. But finally we discovered a few that had potential for being the one. In the end we didn't all agree on the one, (oh the joys of our children having an opinion....), but I think we made the right decision because the one we chose is pretty perfect. =)

Our family with our tree

My parents came over to help us get the tree in and situated and then Terrell and the big boys went and helped them with their tree. By Friday night- the lights were on! Layton was super impressed. =) So thankful I get to experience another first with a sweet little man!!

And finally, the highly and very much anticipated moment arrived. Tree decorating time! My big boys were beside themselves with excitement. I got a workout trying to keep up with them. Ornaments were being pulled out (and possibly broken) at record speeds. They were so excited and so in to it and so over zealous about the whole thing my head was spinning and I was out of breath after like 5 minutes. Terrell excused himself quickly to put Layton to bed. Hahaha!

Just after getting started. My 3 favorite Christmas gifts.

Finally I had them sit on the couch and wait for few minutes while I came up with a system. Whew! The new system involved laying out lots of ornaments and having them tree ready... and then me assisting my middle with the hanging process. Thankfully this worked well! Terrell and I finished the decorating after our babies were in bed and I thought it turned out pretty wonderful (other than needing a few more lights).
The big boys got to decorate their little tree in their room too. It's full of sports and transporation ornaments plus several Georgia Bulldogs and Atlanta Falcons candy canes. =) And hopefully Layton will have a tree in his room too before the season is over!
I am loving sharing the season and our favorite traditions with all my boys!

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