Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Favorites: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This week we've just enjoyed the season. It's been nice. Not too busy or crazy, just lots of uneventful family time soaking up the special and sacred of Christmas. And other than my big boy coming down with strep earlier in the week, we have loved lots about this week... Our advent every morning, Christmas music throughout the day, Christmas books galore, wrapping presents, enjoying our Christmas trees. Good, simple, fun stuff.

Here are my favorites...

*My 3 handsome boys in their Christmas-y Sunday best!

*Layton started exploring under the tree this week. He's felt of the lowest branches he can get his hands on and decided to pound away on a present or two. So far, no barricading of the tree has been necessary. =)

*My view one night before bedtime while I gave Layton his bottle. He's such a good daddy. (Notice Garrison's library book of choice...)

*Austin and I worked on a homemade ornament this week (maybe I'll remember to take a picture once it's finished) and got in some scissor practice cutting leftover wrapping paper.

*Speaking of wrapping... I did lots this week! I love having presents under the tree. =) Even if they are stashed toward the back so they aren't posing a big tempatation for Layton.
*This sweet boy takes about an hour nap in his bed every afternoon and then stumbles out of his room half asleep and gives me a hug before getting comfy on the couch and dozing back off for just a little bit. Presh.
*Garrison Cade decided to draw his very own Nativity scene this week. He worked on it for days and thought of every detail. The wise men, the animals, a shepherd, and of course Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus. I thought it was the sweetest thing ever. He cut it out and wanted to hang it on the tree like an ornament. So that's just what we did. =)
Now we're looking forward to our weekend... another Christmas party, our church's Christmas program (one of my favorite traditions of the season), a birthday party for Jesus, and maybe even a visit to see Santa. Happy Friday!! 

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