Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a really blessed, restful, and fun Memorial Day weekend. I started this morning feeling refreshed and soooo thankful for the long weekend we enjoyed. It truly felt like the perfect mix of relaxing and fun and it's timing was PERFECT after our first week of summer had me totally exhausted.

We were able to sleep late Saturday morning... or as late as 3 little boys will allow us to. Sometimes sleeping til 7:00 or 7:30 is just what you need! After getting everyone up and ready we headed out for Garrison's next-to-last baseball game. Our team was coming off a high, HIGH... our first win of the season and a record 17 runs scored. Unfortunately Saturday's game turned out to be a low, low. Now that my biggest boy knows what winning feels like, he's not a fan of losing. We didn't score a single run, had lots of strike-outs, and just didn't have a good game. Garrison was bummed. Thankfully a reminder about the Atlanta Braves struggling and having a bad game every now and then was comforting.

We have one game left and I'm so proud of Garrison and how hard he's played and worked this season... in a league that puts a huge emphasis on scoring, winning, rules, etc. Garrison had fun and that was enough for me. I loved watching him play.

Saturday afternoon we drove to Barnesville for a cook-out with my dad's side of the fam. It turned out to be a late night but so fun for all of us. Rides on the golf cart, baseball in the backyard, playing with cousins, birthday cake.... I'm pretty sure this family gathering contained all of my big boys' favorite things. And the only good picture I got was of me and the hubs. =)

Since we got in so late on Saturday night we slept late Sunday morning... til 8:00! Woohoo!! Then we got ready for church. We didn't make it to Sunday School but were so glad we were still able to attend "big church". Attending church in Covington and our growing family are the reasons we don't spend the night in B'ville much anymore...unless it's a big holiday or special occasion. Oh how I long to move back!

Sunday morning best...

Sunday afternoon after naps (even by me!!) we got out the kiddie pool and created a little redneck water slide. Haha. The big boys LOVED it. Layton on the other hand... he mainly hung out in the shade. He wasn't a fan of freezing cold water hose water like his brothers.

Oh the SWEETNESS! I can't handle it!
Action shots...
We had such a fun afternoon. Even if a short thunderstorm made us come in early. We just threw the boys in the bathtub and got in pjs early while we watched the Braves game. Perfection.

Monday morning we let the boys wake us up again... for the 3rd morning in a row!! Oh how I needed that extra sleep! Then we had a pretty lazy morning that included breakfast, laying around watching 2 of the boys' favorite shows, playing with daddy outside, giving Layton a morning nap, and THEN, going to the pool for the first time.

Having 3 at the pool (with 0 out of 3 knowing how to swim... round 2 of swim lessons are coming soon for my biggest) kept us BUSY. Which is why I don't have any pictures of anyone actually swimming or in the water. Mama and daddy were always trading off kids and in and out of the pool and just busy. But it was so fun.

Garrison wore floaties and once he got used to the water was all the place. Hopefully this year's swim lessons will be just what he needs to truly become a swimmer. I loved seeing him confident and using some of what he learned last year... even if he did have on floaties. He's already asking when we're going back.

Austin was NOT impressed. At least not a first. It took him quite awhile to be okay with getting in the water. This was not the bathtub he had in mind. Ha! (That's what he called the kiddie pool in our backyard.) Finally he let me hold him in the water. And then FINALLY he got in his float and actually played and had fun. Terrell gave me the job of getting him in the water and adjusted to it and okay with it, and then he took over for playing and throwing pool toys and balls. All 3 of my big boys had a great time... eventually.

Layton didn't really care for the cold water. If the water hadn't been as cold and we had had an extra person to help with one of the boys I think he would've gotten okay with it. We were just out-numbered and couldn't devote much time to helping Layton adjust. So we took turns hanging out with him in the shade. And he eventually fell asleep.

We were able to stay at the pool about 2 hours and by the time we left it was super crowded. The most crowded I've ever seen it probably. I guess everyone had the same idea. So it was time for us to go. Plus we were starving for lunch. Terrell grilled hotdogs for us for lunch and then hamburgers for us for supper. The perfect meal for Memorial Day!

I had the best weekend with my family and loved the extra time we had with daddy... and the extra rest! SO thankful to live in the land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE because of the sacrifices of so many. We are truly blessed!

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