Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Favorites: 1st Week of Summer Edition

This week has pretty much worn me out. I'm thinking adjusting to summer and my baby boy having a couple of not so great nights could be why. However, depsite my weary-sleepy-tired state, there have been LOTS of summer lovin this week. So here are my favs from our first week of summer...

*Monday afternoon I strolled this cutie around the driveway and backyard while his big brothers played. It was a cooler day and he was up from his nap so he got in some outside time too. LOVE that smiling face.

*Since I couldn't throw batting practice (the boys' new favorite thing to do outside) on Monday because of strolling Layton around and all, my big boys drove their cars around and did some work at the top of our hill near the golf course. They have loved playing and working with their tools... one of Santa's best investments for sure!
*We did our first little educational activity this week... and it was a big success! They used their do-a-dot markers to find and "dot" lowercase letters of the alphabet in order in their flowers (the only seasonal, fun thing I could come up with). This was a review for Garrison and great practice of lowercase letter recognition for Austin.
Then we did the same thing with numbers on a sun! Austin is learning numbers 0-10 and for Garrison I did random numbers all the way to 30 and he "dotted/stamped" them from least to greatest. Garrison clearly has his daddy's genes because he just gets numbers.

*Terrell was able to get off early one day this week so we took our first family walk since having Layton. It was a slow stroll but we all enjoyed it...although you can't tell by Layton's face. Haha. Then Terrell threw batting practice to the big boys and grilled for us and spent every minute of his extra time off with his family. Oh how I love him and the way he loves us!

*I finally found an idea to try to prevent all the sibling fighting and need to be first around here. Each big boy gets a day when they get to choose everything and do everything FIRST. On this particular day it was Austin's turn so Austin got to go potty first that morning, pick out breakfast first, choose what show(s) to watch, hit the ball first outside, get out of the bathtub first, etc, etc. Man. Being first is a BIG DEAL. So far, this is working wonders. Oh how I pray it lasts! (Original idea here.)

*I captured these sweet, precious, heart-melting moments of my big boys and baby boy one day this week. They entertained Layton while I cleaned up after lunch. Be still my heart.

*Yesterday we went to our local bouncy/jump place and had a great time! My short little Austin even conquered the obstacle course wall! Something he wasn't able to do last month when we were there.
He was SO proud. This is his "I did it and I OWN this wall" pose. Ha! Garrison was his biggest supporter and cheerleader too.
Apparently the wall wore him out though because he was asking to go to sleep for his nap immediately after lunch. =)
I am thanking God for the blessings He gave us this week. It was fun and relatively drama-free. Success! Now we are soooo looking forward to the long weekend and the opportunity to sleep a little later and rest a little more. We're heading to our next to last baseball game, a big cook-out with family, and possibly a trip to the pool. Happy Friday and Happy LONG weekend!! 

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