Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Favorites: Free Summer Fun Edition

The theme of this week seemed to be summer fun that was totally free. I went into the week with the plan of trying not spend money on our outings and to plan less outings in general since we had a short week. And I was successful! Yay. So it's good to know we're capable of making it through the week without spending here and there on outings that will eventually add up. My goal is to keep a good balance and to go without spending ocassionally throughout the summer. So here's what we were up to this week...

*But first, on a totally unrelated note, last Friday afternoon my sweet firstborn who hasn't taken a nap in FOREVER fell asleep on the couch. Presh. Mama isn't the only one tired around here.

*On Tuesday we got out for one little errand but stayed home the rest of the day. So I decided to try out a new activity I'd found. I let the boys count dried beans and put them in the corresponding place in their muffin pans. Austin needed just a little help at first but caught on quickly. I let the boys trade out numbers for the 2nd round and then added new, bigger numbers for the 3rd round. This activity reinforced counting, number recognition, one-to-one correspondance, and fine motor practice. Yes! It was definitely a success and kept them busy at the table for a quite awhile. 

One of Austin's finished products. =)
*We tried out a new park this week! The disadvantage to this particular park is that it's 20 minutes from our house, there's no swings, and there's absolutely no shade over the playgrounds. (There is a pavilion there but the day we went they were preparing for some kind of school function so it wasn't available to me and Layton.) We made it about 45 minutes before my kiddos were hot and sweaty and hungry. And we left just in time because about 5 buses loaded with teenagers pulled up as we were pulling out.  
*The boys thought these big slides were awesome... especially Garrison. =)

*On Wednesday we went back to the pool with daddy! And Layton swam! And Austin didn't cry! He was hesitant but he didn't cry! Layton stayed in the water with mama or daddy for close to an hour. We were so proud!

Then once he got fussy and tired of the water I held him and watched my big boys swim. Layton fell asleep while 3 out of 4 of my guys had fun in the sun. We had a later than normal night that night but this little outing was perfect for us.
*A sweet, quiet moment I captured of my big boys coloring at the table. This was their idea and they were totally independent for about 15 minutes or so. Plus Layton was napping. Double bonus! "Table time" is proving to be very important this summer.
*My big boys also did this little alphabet activity this week... multiple times. They loved it! I had them make a train with Austin's alphabet puzzle and then they had to match lowercase letters with uppercase letters. I just handed them one lowercase letter at a time and they told me the letter and then went to find it's matching uppercase letter. Austin is catching on sooo fast. I'm so proud of him. Next up- letter sounds! 
*We also tried out another new park. This one is 5 minutes from our house... but it's super old and doesn't offer much except swings and a big slide. It does, however, have shade! The boys loved the swings. Garrison is really wanting to learn how to pump his legs and swing on his own. He said he was practicing for big school. =) We'll definitely go back since it's so close even though it's not my favorite.

*Other free fun not pictured: Watching the Braves everyday, playing outside with daddy, racing hotwheels and making up games with them, visiting the library and reading all our new books, playing a version of indoor baseball, and sorting laundry everyday for mama! That last one might be my fav. =)
Next week I must get more pictures of Layton! Poor baby got left out of pictures this week. Anyway, we enjoyed our short week and are now looking forward to a special outing this weekend. Happy Friday!

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