Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

We had a FULL and super fun Mother's Day weekend. We're worn out today but sooo thankful for the weekend we enjoyed. It was a pretty special weekend for me and once again I was overcome with gratefulness God made me mama to these 3 and wife to such an amazing man. I am blessed beyond measure and loved everything about our fun weekend.

We kicked things off Saturday by traveling to meet up with my in-laws to celebrate with an early lunch. Things started off just a tad crazy but thankfully we avoided a teensy little crisis and were able to enjoy our lunch. Phew. Glad we were able to all have a happy time together afterall. =)

While we were there we gave gifts and made pictures and enjoyed letting the cousins catch up. And my sweet father-in-law surprised me with a gift card that I am so excited to use!!

Nana with her 5 grands.

We got home Saturday afternoon and tried to rest a little before my parents came over to keep Layton so Terrell and I could take the big boys to the Braves game. My mom was given tickets and she gave them to us... such a treat to go to the Braves game for free!! (Especially since my biggest boy had been asking when we were going and because it's a summer tradition... this time for free! The timing of these tickets were truly a blessing.)

We all had the best time at the game! (I'll do a separate post about it later.) Even if it did rain on us. The boys did GREAT and we were able to stay in our seats the entire time they played (we got up to take cover and walk around during the rain delay). We stayed until the end of the 7th innning when the Braves finally took the lead. Thank goodness! Up until that point it was 0-0 and Garrison was worried that neither team was going to win. Bless it. It was a late night but totally worth it. Big, big thanks to Granna and Papa for the tickets and for keeping our littlest man!!

On Sunday morning we were up bright and early headed to the hometown for church and a day with my mom and grandmothers. We participated in our church's "Baby Celebration" service and thankfully Layton made it through without crying. He was awake and testy the whole time but never let the whole congregation know how he really felt. Haha.

Our church service was really special. I only cried 3 times. Mother's Day services always get to me.

After church we went to my parents' house so I could feed Layton before meeting up with my mom's side of the family for our annual Mother's Day lunch at Buckner's. This year we missed out on waiting in line with the whole fam (which is usually our best time to talk and visit) but we still had a delicious lunch with everyone and all 3 of the boys were wonderful. Happy Mother's Day to  me!

Granna with her 3 grands
My 3 little men who made me a mama. SO blessed.

After lunch we went back to my parents' house to give my mom her gifts and to hang out for a little while before going to visit my Nanny. We wrapped up our day in the hometown at her house talking and laughing and trying to keep the big boys from breaking anything. Ha! Then we had a super quiet and peaceful ride home as over half our car slept the whole way.

Mother's Day Weekend 2014 was special and fun and I'm so, so thankful we were able to share it with our moms and grandmothers. The influence they've had and the blessing they are is far too great and numerous to count. So thankful to be a mama and to be a daughter, granddaughter, and daughter-in-law to the most amazing ladies I know!

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