Monday, May 5, 2014

Fun Times, Close Calls, & Mother's Day Week

We had a mostly good weekend around these parts. The weather was beautiful. My biggest boy had a baseball game on Saturday that my parents and my sister and her husband were able to come to. We enjoyed a fun lunch together and laughed really hard. My hubby and I were able to catch up on a few shows together. For the first time since Layton was born we made it to Sunday School and the church service. The whole family enjoyed time together outside yesterday afternoon. Terrell grilled a delicious "summer meal" for us. There was lots of FUN about our weekend. (So much of it I didn't take a single picture.)

But, we also had 2 really close calls. Scary close calls. And those weren't fun. We barely avoided the emergency room. TWICE. 

Garrison fell off the bed and hit his head on our nightstand (while I wasn't home) resulting in a nasty cut and lots of blood and us googling whether he'd need stitches or not. Thankfully we determined he didn't and are just keeping a close eye on it. It appears to be starting to heal already.

Then, last night after supper Austin stood up in his highchair and tried to sit on the back of it which caused him to literally do a back flip off of it and land flat on his belly and face in the floor. I witnessed this one and pretty much freaked out. It scared me to death. I started crying. Garrison started crying. Thankfully Austin was okay but traumatized. (I was okay but traumatized as well.)

Terrell and I both had to decompress after those little incidents. Both were scary and dangerous and could've been much worse. I think we feel like we experienced 2 miracles in that no one was seriously injured and we didn't have to make a single (or double!) trip to the ER. We are so grateful for God's protection over our babies! What an up and down weekend. Gracious.

Now I'm looking forward to Mother's Day week. (I know it's actually Teacher Appreciation week. Yay for teachers!!) But this week is going to be fun for me mainly because I'm a mama. I have a special Mother's Day tea party I'm attending, I'll be on the receiving end of some special gifts, and I'll be doing some shopping for our moms... and well this is just a fun holiday I could SO take advantage of. However, my hubby is the absolute best and me taking advantage just wouldn't be fair. But it's still nice to dream about. =)

Happy Teacher Appreciation and Mother's Day week!!

*This is also our last full week of school which means it's a busy but fun time for my big boys. My biggest is preparing for PreK graduation. Waaaaahhh! If I let myself really dwell on how this is the end of an era and how pretty much everything changes next year and how life will never be the same and how Austin's best bud is leaving him for big school and how Kindergarten is just a really BIG DEAL, then I kind of start to feel some anxiety and sadness and like maybe I'm on the verge of a little, okay huge, meltdown. But everytime the threat of that meltdown comes my way I avoid it. I run from it. I pray. I distract myself. I remind myself of the reassurance of other moms who have faced Kindergarten and survived. In other words, it's just all bottled up and pushed deep down. Because I feel guilty for feeling sad because this is a good thing. It's a blessing. This means my biggest baby is growing and healthy and ready for a new milestone. And who has time for a meltdown right now? Not I. Mama is busy and rarely has 2 seconds of privacy or quiet to dwell on it. Let's just hope this bottled up meltdown doesn't explode in the middle of graduation next week. Sigh.

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