Thursday, May 8, 2014

Some of my Favorite Things About Being Their Mom

This week has been crazy busy but I finally made time for this post. It's my 4th annual list of some of my favorite things about being mom to my boys. I love how this list of favorites captures them, their personalities, and our relationship at this point in time, right at Mother's Day every year. Which is why I made time for it and why it's pretty special. =)

*Witnessing your love of learning. You are such a sponge and soak up any and everything new. You're an attentive, eager, and curious learner. You are going to soar in big school. (Those are the exact words of your Kindergarten screener by the way.)
*Watching you play with, encourage, and "lead" Austin. You're a pretty awesome big brother.
*Getting hugs and kisses from you. I hope you never outgrow that sweet, tender, and affectionate way about you.
*Listening to you retell an event, story, or experience. You are animated and detailed with a distinct southern drawl. There's nothing like it.
*Reading to you and your love of books.
*Seeing your gentle, loving, super sweet interactions with Layton. You are so great with your baby brother.
*Watching you play sports. You are a sports lover through and through so watching YOU play is a privilege! 
*Answering, or *trying* to answer your questions. You are so inquisitive. You ask deep questions and want to know the "why" and "how" of all kinds of things. Your questions lead to interesting conversations and discussions and I almost always learn something from you!
*Watching you perform. You are a natural performer it seems. Any time you've had any kind of program at school you just shine. You are totally in the zone and passionate about whatever you're singing or reciting that I think I smile during your entire performance. You are a joy to watch.
*Seeing your love for your family. Your favorite people in the whole world are our little party of 5... with your grandparents and extended family right behind. You like the 5 of us being together and doing fun things as a family and just love us deeply. 
You are a huge blessing to our family Garrison Cade and I am honored to be your mama. I love you more than you could ever know!! 
*Feeling your head on my shoulder and your whole little body in my lap. Even though you're growing bigger and bigger you still love to be held and to sit in my lap and to rest your head on my shoulder... just like when you were a baby. There's no sweeter feeling.
*Watching you mimick Garrison and have so much fun with him. You love your big brother... and doing what he does and saying what he says. It's so fun to watch y'all together.
*Reading to you at naptime. Reading you 3-4 books everyday before your nap is our daily alone time. I think that time is precious to us both.
*Listening to you sing. You've become quite the little singer and entertainer lately and it melts my heart and totally cracks me up all at the same time. You make me smile and laugh daily!
*Kissing your boo-boos. You still come straight to me for a kiss whenever you get hurt and I love making it all better.
*Watching your face light up with joy when you see me in the mornings. Usually daddy gets you up and then you come looking for me and are so happy to see me! 
*Listening to you talk to Layton. You are smitten over your baby brother and have the sweetest way of talking to him.
*Watching your "cheese" face when you're getting your picture made. While I love your natural smile best of all, your "cheese" face is so you right now. It's hilarious and precious and crazy and cute. It is totally unique to YOU!
*Listening to you pray. The sound of your little voice talking to God is one of the sweetest things ever. In the midst of your jumbled words and ramblings you always manage to remember the things you're thankful for and the prayer requests we've talked about. So, so sweet.
*Witnessing your friendliness to people when we're out and about. You're always quick to wave or say hello or even tell someone your life story if they speak to you. I hope you're always a friendly "people person" who makes a lasting impression on those you meet.
You are an amazing gift to our family Austin and I am honored to be your mama. I love you more than you could ever know!!
*Rocking you before naps and bedtime. Such a sweet, peaceful time that I absolutely treasure and do my best to soak up. Because before I know it, you'll be as big as your brothers!
*Watching you smile. SO ADORABLE.
*Listening to you "talk" to me and watching your sweet expressions. There is nothing like having your baby talk and smile and coo at you.
*Carrying you around the house. Even though you give me a work out, I love carrying you around and feeling you in my arms.
*Waking you up every morning and seeing how happy (and relieved if you're starving) you are to see me!
*Smelling you after bath time. Best. smell. ever.
*Witnessing the way you're starting to repsond to your big brothers. I am so excited and thankful for the bond you 3 will share.
*Watching you with your daddy. You have an amazing dad and I love to watch him with you.
*Giving you a bath. You are so super cute and sweet in your little bath tub. It's one of my favorite times with you.
*Watching you grow and change a little every single day. It's bittersweet but the greatest privilege!
You are a precious joy to our family Layton and I am honored to be your mama. I love you more than you could ever know!!

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