Monday, January 2, 2012

Reflecting and Resoluting

Well we had a great weekend kicking off 2012 with family in the hometown just like we do every year. Nothing exciting... we didn't even stay up to see the ball drop. We're pretty boring (ha!), if you don't count the never-ending adventure of taking care of our two babies. But, it fits us and we enjoy the simplicity of a relaxing, mellow New Years Eve/Day with family.

And since I don't have too many exciting things to write about from our weekend I thought I'd take time to write a "New Year's Post"... because starting off a brand new year has got me reflecting on the events of last year and "resoluting" to make some changes this year~

*Last year was an amazing year for us as we became Selph~ Party of 4! Yay!! Welcoming our 2nd baby boy to the family was definitely the highlight of our year. We found out in January that we were expecting and spent most of the year preparing for his arrival in September. Since making his debut, our family life has been double the busyness and double the blessing. We are all absolutely smitten with our sweet little man and SO thankful he's a part of our family!

*We also reached some big time milestones with our oldest little man. Garrison Cade was potty trained and started sleeping in a big boy bed last year. Plus he became a big brother! He handled all of those milestones/transitions just about as smoothly as possible.

*I was able to stay home for another year! This is truly the biggest blessing EVER. We give God all the glory for making this possible for us. His provisions and blessings never cease to amaze us.

*Last year we enjoyed a weekend get-away to Gatlinburg with Terrell's family and summer vacation in Florida (that included a trip to Disney World) with my family, plus an anniversary weekend to ourselves in between. We were very blessed with all of our time away.

*I completed a 30 Day Challenge over the summer and really rearranged my priorities... specifically how I started my days. I did really well until Austin arrived and things sort of got turned upside down for awhile.
*My husband changed positions at work and also changed locations. He's now a "Business Banker" at the Covington branch of Pinnacle Bank only 5 minutes from our house. The move has been good and we're praying for continued success with this position.

And those are all the biggies I can think of. Now for the resoluting:

*Going back to the 30 Day Challenge- I have got to get back on track! No more excuses. I've never had a lot of trouble with my prayer life. I pray every morning (or almost every morning) and I pray throughout my day when things get tough or Garrison has a meltdown or I hear about someone who needs praying for. What I've neglected since having Austin is reading my Bible. I just haven't made the time. So I've decided since this should be a top priority, I'm not going to do any reading for pleasure until I've spent time in the Word. It will be a way to hold myself accountable and hopefully help me get back on track. Plus, now that Austin's wake up time is becoming more consistent I can plan to be up before him for my quiet time.

*I want to spend more time outside and be more active. I know my firstborn will appreciate this one! Sometimes it's so hard to have outside time when there are errands to run and chores to take care of inside and a baby to feed and supper to cook. And since our backyard is teeny tiny, he can't go outside without me. But, I need to get outdoors more and become more active. Getting into shape would be nice, but let's just take one step at a time.

*I want to make my husband more of a priority. We joke a lot about how sometimes it's like we're just roommates who see each other occasionally and talk every now and then, but basically just live in the same house. I think a lot of couples with little ones are probably in the same boat. Or at least I hope we're not the only ones! I want to be more supportive and understanding. I want us to go on more dates... even though it can be really stressful getting away from the kiddos and letting someone else handle bedtime. I want to just hang out. And make a point to carry on at least one good conversation everyday.

*I want to face my fears and be more willing and open to doing what needs to be done to help provide for our family while having as much time with my babies as possible.

*Most of all I want to become more trusting of God's plan for our family. It's no secret we want to move back home. And it gets hard being patient. But at this point, it seems He wants us where we're at, so I'm going to try really hard to "bloom where I'm planted" while we wait.

Now I'm hoping this list helps keep me on track! Happy New Year!!!!

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