Sunday, January 8, 2012

Enjoying Christmas Presents

Since this weekend has been a little on the rough side... Austin is having trouble with naps (which I'm determined to figure out), Garrison is having trouble obeying (or should I say accepting not getting his way) without having a full-blown meltdown, the Falcons played terrible, and blood pressure rising drama is floating about, I thought I'd do something to brighten my mood.

Over the past couple of weeks I've been trying to grab my camera everytime my babies are playing with and enjoying a Christmas present. Just makes me happy to see them happily enjoying a gift they were blessed with this Christmas. It started with trying to get a picture of Garrison driving his car around at home, and then I had an idea to capture all sorts of 'playing with Christmas presents' moments. Here are a few~

He's still figuring out the steering and still needs a pillow behind him to reach the pedal, but he's still a cool dude riding around in his dune racer.

Austin loves his new book. I have a picture just like this reading to Garrison when he was 4 months old.

Garrison decided to make a picture of mama and Austin too. He is enjoying his new camera to the fullest.

This handsome little man... who has the ability to melt my heart, make me the happiest mama ever, and absolutely explode with love is also making me question my parenting skills on a daily basis lately. Gracious. He is super adorable in his little monogrammed robe though.

He really enjoys drawing on his portable chalkboard too. (The other side is a white board so he can do either or, and the whole thing closes up to lay flat too. We all think it's pretty cool.) By the way, hope you can't see in this picture how dirty the bottom of my refrigerator is. Sticky little hands have been all over it apparently. Gross. Got to get that cleaned pronto.

Of course the Clubhouse is a hit!

This sweet boy loves his "seahorse gloworm". That's what I call it at least. It plays music and lights up just like a gloworm. This is one of the only toys he actually holds onto and loves on. Precious.

Lots of time is spent working away with his tools. Future handyman here.

And we are all loving his homemade playdoh that Granna had Santa deliver. It isn't 100% mess-free but it's WAY better than the stuff you get at the store. We even trust him playing with it in the living room.

Both boys have enjoyed Austin's new playmat. Whenever Austin is on it and Garrison is nearby he decides to squeeze himself under it to. And of course big brother mans the controls... music, lights, volume, etc.

Saved the best for last. The picture that melts my heart and fills me with joy. My youngest baby laughing at (and with) my oldest baby. Little brother laughing with big brother. Siblings sharing a moment together... that mama got to witness. LOVE. If we want Austin to laugh or smile, we request Garrison's presence to make it happen. Not only does Garrison love his little brother, little brother adores him back.

I wasn't able to capture pictures of them playing with every single thing they got for Christmas but these were some of my favs. Thanks to the grandparents and aunts and uncle for spoiling my babies good! I'm in a better mood already. Plus my busy little boys are fast asleep and bedtime actually went off without a hitch tonight. =)

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