Tuesday, January 10, 2012

4 Months Old

Austin turned 4 months old on the 3rd (but his check up wasn't until today) so his 4th month with us was the entire Christmas season. Which was wonderful for us, by the way. Things weren't too crazy because we got a good head start on Christmas shopping and decorating, etc. And for the most part we were able to really savor the season. For me, it didn't fly by like I expected. I think I just made a point to enjoy it everyday. On the otherhand, when I think about the fact that Austin is 4 months old already, time flies! (Including this past month!)
Wow, so hard to believe he's 4 months old. It's true what they say about time moving faster with the 2nd one. Boo. I guess all you can do is try your best to slow down and soak up all the little adventures everyday. But moving on before I get emotional over all this time moving too fast stuff...
This month we actually used 3 different outfits for the "Lion Picture". The first outfit got spit up on and none of the pictures taken before the spit up drenched his shirt turned out. Then we got one good picture with the blue jeans before we had another incident with spit up. Ahh. The joys of reflux. At least it doesn't seem to phase him. The last picture is of big brother when he was 4 months old. I think you can still definitely tell they're brothers, but Austin seems way bigger than Garrison was at this age.

Stats and Happenings This Month:

*You weigh 15 lbs 3 oz and you're 25 inches long. Looks like I overestimated in your 3 months stats. You are at the "top of average" for weight and length, in the 50th-60th percentile. So not quite as big as we thought!
*You are wearing mostly 6 months clothes and still a few 3-6 months. You're filling those up fast so I'm sure we'll be moving along to 6-9 months soon! You're still wearing size 2 diapers, but we've decided we'll use up the rest of those we have in the house and start on size 3 soon. Can't believe how fast you're growing!!
*You are now eating every 4 hours and you started sleeping through the night more consistently this month! A few days before your 4 month birthday you decided to start sleeping until after 7:00! How refreshing for mama and daddy!!
*Naptimes are more predictable but still on the short side. We're working on it though.
*This month you learned to roll over from your back to your tummy. Sometimes you're so happy once you get on your tummy, almost like you're proud of yourself. But sometimes it makes you a little frustrated or wakes you up when you're napping.
*Your personality has come out big time this month. That sweet personality is so lovable! You've officially discovered your voice. You love to squeal and make the loudest noises at us like you have something important to say or you want to make sure we haven't forgotten about you. You laugh really big laughs at us too, especially Garrison. You're ticklish. You're bashful sometimes. You kick your legs when you're excited. Your sweet personality makes me smile every single day. I love watching it develop.
*You found your hands this month and can actually grab onto your toys. You also love putting those hands in your mouth and nawing away. Which reminds me... you drool all the time. I'm almost positive you're teething.
*You follow us around with your eyes and know when we leave the room.
*You adore your big brother and are more and more aware of him (and all of your surroundings) everyday.
*You have grown SO much this month in more ways than one and we have loved witnessing every new milestone! You make us smile, laugh, and give thanks for you everyday! Happy belated birthday Austin Selph!! We love you!

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