Thursday, January 5, 2012

On My Mind...

*Before having Austin I used to be way more productive during naptime. It was my work time for Premier and time to do a few things around the house. Now when it's naptime and both boys are asleep (Thank you Lord for this daily blessing!!) all I want to do is catch up on a TV show, read blogs, write a blog post, read a book, or just be lazy.

*I recently found myself hoping (and saying a quick prayer) that Garrison's and Austin's future wives are really good friends. Who thinks that far ahead?? Then again, it's never too soon to start praying about your children's futures.

*I am SO tired of boys clothing being discriminated against in stores! Ugh. It's so frustrating trying to find really cute adorable outfits for boys in the teeny tiny boys' sections that the stores offer. Thankfully we got some super cute outfits for Christmas for them from family! Granna and AnAn accomplished a difficult mission.

*Sometimes I wonder if my almost 3 year old is the only almost 3 year old who has long drawn out meltdowns (over sometimes really little stuff) that are so dramatic and so exhausting that you're just left scratching your head or pulling your hair out.

*I usually stay awake for a while after getting up with Garrison or Austin during the night. Garrison has woken up 2 times this week after midnight while Austin's been sleeping all night. Go figure. I don't stay awake by choice, it just takes me a little while to fall back asleep. Weird. You'd think I'd be tired at that hour.

*I'm officially in party-planning mode for Garrison's birthday. It's stressing me out this year. I love doing a cute party and making everything special... not overboard, just special. He'll only have a 3rd birthday party once! But for some reason my ideas are lacking and so is my motivation. Thankfully I'm finally getting some things accomplished.

*I have had such a sweet tooth lately. I think it carried over from my pregnancy. Time for it to go away now.

*I'm finally starting a Bible Study (Beholding Him, Becoming Missional) that I've wanted to for a while. Who knows if I'll be able to maintain the Week 1 Day 1, Week 1 Day 2 pace but I'm going to try my best while constantly reminding myself that it shouldn't be viewed as something to check off my to-do list. I really enjoyed Day 1. =)

*Terrell and I are still hoping to go on a date sometime this month. We've got to get it planned soon or it won't happen. Date nights must be a priority!

*Yesterday I got a picture of Austin laughing at Garrison. LOVE. It will be shared later. I'm SO glad I captured the moment but even more glad/happy/overjoyed/ecstatic/overwhelmed with gratefulness that they already love each other so much! I pray they are best friends and so, so close as they grow.

That's it. All done sharing what's on my mind lately. I liked doing this. I think I'll do it again sometime. Maybe once a month will be good. It felt nice to get out those random thoughts. Almost therapeutic. Haha. =)

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