Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Weekend 2016

Easter weekend started for us on Good Friday with a really great family day. Terrell had the day off (we love his job!!) and Austin and I both had the day off too so we decided to go eat lunch with Garrison at school and then we signed him out early so he could go play golf with daddy, Austin, and Papa. They did the same thing last year and it just may become a tradition. =)

Layton was napping when the big boys left for an afternoon of golf so I had a little quiet time Friday afternoon before spending the rest of the day with my littlest love. He seemed to enjoy our quality time together but eventually started asking for his brothers. Haha. Baby boy will be included in all the fun big boy stuff really soon!

After Terrell and the big boys got home from golfing and everyone had a shower and got cleaned up, we spent the rest of the evening with Nana and Pops. We went out to eat together and celebrated Easter with them afterwards back at their house. The boys loved it! And they are super spoiled at Easter thanks to all the extra goodies and fun things they get from their grandparents!! It was a fun night. =) 

Saturday we woke up to rain and clouds and a super dreary morning, so Garrison's scrimmage was cancelled and we had a really lazy morning at home. I baked a cake (whaaaa?? Haha. It turned out delish!) and Terrell did some things around the house and kept the boys from killing each other. Then we decided to go ahead with my parents annual egg hunt on Saturday afternoon while it wasn't raining since rain was in the forecast for almost all day Sunday. We made the right decision and had a great afternoon enjoying our tradition!

3 boys ready for their yearly Easter egg hunt!

My handsome boys were pretty cooperative for pictures. Yaaay!! We were really proud. Especially of Layton since he was WAY more cooperative for pictures than possibly ever before. He did terrible at Christmas so his cooperation was a pleasant surprise. =) 

Granna and Papa... spoilers of grandbabies and givers of record amounts of candy by way of family egg hunt. Hahaha. 

While we waited for the O'Mary fam to arrive the boys got to open their Easter gifts from Granna and Papa. They hit the jackpot! Lots of fun new things for Spring and Summer plus everyday things they'll love. They actually colored in their new Lion Guard books with their new "magic" marker while we waited. Everything they got for Easter has been a hit!

Baby Girl joined the photo shoot! =)

They love Piper LOTS!

And she handles all the craziness of her boy cousins with ease. =)

We had a fun egg hunt and left overflowing with candy!

Saturday evening we went to Garrison's bestie's birthday party. It was so fun! We all had a great time and actually got home and got the boys in the bath and in the bed at a decent hour so this could happen....

Unfortunately we had a bit of rough night... Bailey ran away or got lost, not sure which, so we were searching the neighborhood at 1:00 in the morning on Sunday. Thankfully we found her and all was well but let's just say she's now on house arrest and won't be going out without her leash anytime soon. Then Layton woke up at 3:30 and again at 5:30.... then the big boys were up at 6:35. Who knows what was going on with everybody? Gracious. It was doozy. 

But once Terrell and I were up and mostly ready we let the boys get up so we could enjoy Easter bucket fun before church. We paused on the stairs for an Easter morning picture and Garrison opened his Bible to the story "Jesus is Risen!" Don't be afraid, I know you are looking for Jesus Who was crucified. He is not here; He is risen, just as He said. Matthew 28:5-6 

It was a fun morning for the Selph fam! 

This was the first year that we can remember that Terrell and I weren't able to make it to an Easter worship service. So bittersweet! We served on the Preschool SS hall and then had to leave after the 9:45 hour so we could get home to cook and prepare for Easter lunch. Even though I missed singing and worshiping and hearing the Easter sermon something serious, I do feel like this is what God has called me to for now. I love serving my teachers and the sweet babies, preschoolers, and families who grace our preschool hall every Sunday morning. It was a blessing to see everyone coming in in their Easter attire and cuteness and to hear the Easter story and Christ's resurrection being shared all down the hall. Easter morning was different but still a time of celebration, reflection, and rejoicing. 

Traditional Easter family picture! We go straight to my parents' after church every Easter so we can have our picture taken 47 times and hope for 2 good ones. Ha!

I couldn't resist a hat again this year. =) All my boys were so handsome Easter morning!

After our little photo shoot we went home and cooked and changed clothes and got ready for lunch. My mom found the boys these adorable outfits and they were perfect for Easter lunch! I could hardly handle the cuteness!!

*All the heart eyes*

We had a huge and delicious lunch at my parents' house with my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins. And I didn't get a single picture because we were too busy enjoying good food and good times. We were inside all afternoon due to rain but we still had a great time being with family and celebrating our Risen Savior! We went home for a little rest time before going back to eat leftovers Sunday night. Yum. It was a great day full of blessings and rejoicing! 

And I'll leave you with my favorite outtakes from Sunday morning's family photo shoot. =)

This was the very last picture taken. Garrison had just declared he couldn't go on...and withstand one more picture. Hahahaha. 

Such a fun Easter weekend with those we love most! So thankful He lives!!!

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